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Hi all,

Total code noob here, just love to play the game. Is it possible for when publishing the new version, the comments can be in plain English so that non-programmers can understand what was updated? I understand it may not always directly affect things we can see nor does it need to be extremely detailed, just something like "This helps with XYZ..." or "Added such and such feature."

For instance, somewhere along the line, "Plants don't age." was added (which is AWESOME!) but I had no idea because 1) I didn't see the comment if it was actually spelled out or 2) I couldn't have understood it.

Just a suggestion :)

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When a new stable is released we make sure the changelog is correct and increment the version number. When the version number increments the game will display the log on first load. If you are using the develop branch then you are expected to either read the changelog yourself or check the commit logs. This is cause it would be annoying for the devs and players to hide the log every change.

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