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Hacks and Trainers in multi

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I've recently experienced weird glitches in game and these glitches only occur after playing in multiplayer and happen on every version of the game. I'm hazarding a guess here but I think using trainers or hacks may affect in multi may affect other people's game. I think many of us know about the 8 car not letting you see the final test results which is an obnoxious glitch on its own, but recently I've experienced some that affect me in single player too. This is basically just a precaution but I'm urging everyone to not have any trainers or hacks installed when playing multiplayer. I mean, who even needs them, Orct2 pretty much covers all the ground you could get with a hack.

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@imlegos They do not. However, you can hack a park in vanilla and then load it in OpenRCT2, and such hacks can cause issues from time to time. It's usually considered a bug in OpenRCT2 though, so if you've found a hacked park that won't work in OpenRCT2 you can post it to Github for the developers to look into.


26 minutes ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

I mean, who even needs them, Orct2 pretty much covers all the ground you could get with a hack.

Lol, no. Several widely used hacks have yet to be implemented in OpenRCT2, like the ability to raise/lower map objects, the ability to set any track piece as a chain lift, and the ability to import a heightmap from an image file. Many people still rely on trainers for these features.

8 minutes ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

I think having them just installed might still affect the game

Also no, where did you get that idea from? If the trainer isn't running then it can't affect anything.

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8cars just edits the game memory, only having it installed can't affect the game.

Ride rating calculation is only done for one attraction at a time and thus can take a while in large parks (which is usually the case in multiplayer parks). It is however possible that the rating calculator get 'stuck' on hacked attractions. I think this happens when a train doesn't return to the original station and loops between other stations, but I'm not sure. Removing/editing the ride that locks up the rating calculation should fix that.

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