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Coaster (rating) bugs out

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( playing on the build) So I was recently looking at all the coaster of this park again and noticed this one had insanely bad ratings, which are unexplainable for me. There is no way I would've accepted these ratings after being done with this coaster and scenery should (also) affect excitement ratings. Thus I safed the coaster and wanted to place it in another park, there was no picture in the menu and when placed it would show the dinghy slide construction menu where I could press no other than the close button. (This will be shown in the following pictures)

SCR103.pngSCR104.png SCR105.png

(playing on the build 15031b9) So I went on the currently newest build. To make sure the coaster doesn't keep the bugged out stats, I deleted a piece of the station and replaced it.  The new ratings came and they were different yet pretty much the same, also tested it in a new park but the same as the build.

Volanti.td6 <This is the coaster file if needed, I also can give the coaster file if needed but won't put it yet due to it being in the build logs. ^^'

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I have had this same issue in the Original rct2. I build a wooden coaster with a intensity in the high 9's and it stayed like that still i saved the ride and rebuilt it (in the same spot) so it would stop breaking down and I then got a intensity rating of about 10.7.

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The bad ratings are explained on the wiki https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Ride-rating-calculation: "For lateral Gs above 2.8, a value of 3.75 is added to the intensity, and 2 is added to the nausea. If the lateral Gs also exceed 3.1, the excitement rating is halved, and a further 8.5 is added to the intensity, and 4 is added to the nausea."

Keep the lateral Gs below 2.8 at all costs, the lateral Gs on your coaster are 3.35, which means it goes way too fast through sharp turns.

The dinghy build window showing up instead of the coaster is a known bug (not sure if it's on github too, but I've seen it somewhere).

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Okay, but I'm still left out questioning why the ratings didn't show up like that when I made it. Thank you all very much though!

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