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Post screenshots of your desktop

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@SensualEthiopianPolice The center's pretty easy to see. You sure your brightness isn't just non-existent?

Besides, the project was heavily unfinished at the time it was taken, so most the stuff outside and in the shadows is extremely unfinished, you can even just barely see a bit of temporary terrain paint on top right of the shot.

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Yes, I have two monitors.
No they're not the same resolution. And no, I don't really care about that. Lot's of people say they wouldn't be able to stand it, but it actually quite nice compared to not having a second monitor while programming.

Schermopname (1).png

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imageproxy.php?img=&key=64faa54fffd07118Both my laptop and desktop backgrounds, why not both? Hehe.

My laptop and its background, I mainly use it for school or for minor games. I kept it neat. The image was a meme I made a while back which consisted of Hare and Suezo from Monster Rancher. Yeah it was taken a while back, but still was the same nonetheless.


My desktop on the other hand had another approach, did something clever with my gaming desktop, laid out like an office. Taken a while back like with the laptop's image, but still remained the same (even while it's packed at the moment).


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