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That's a nice song YoloSwegLord, been listening to it a few times since you posted it.   One of my all time favourite playlists.

This is one of the most progressive songs I have ever listened to. It starts off by setting out a simple tune. As it carries from one verse to the next, it increases in complexity, adding new layers t

I wish I could add a little variety/world culture to this topic offering a song from my home country, but that ain't happening .   And in the topic of epicness, I leave you with this:  

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Is it just me or does Weightless sound a lot like Minecraft Volume Beta (Specifically the Creative mode songs)

PC and RCT2's soundtracks are such different takes, but both work extremely well. RCT is more about tying in with the theme park aspect of the game, while PC's is telling you to be creative with your work

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My idea of calming music is probably a bit different, as I like EDM and classical sounding songs.

Great movie. This song is powerful as hell to me.
!Warning! If you haven't seen the movie, this has mega spoilers so I wouldn't watch if,  fantastic movie, I suggest you watch it.


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