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Use track pieces as decorations

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This really needs some discussion, that's why I post it here on the forums first. (Mostly because this is more like a mod it feels)

Many users use pieces of coaster tracks to use them as decoration, it might be lift pieces for make rope for a bridge, train tracks to make a train pass by the park etc

What this would do is to is getting some of the more popular track pieces that are being used and place them in their own category in 'Decorations' (See the concept pic)

Why: Easier to place down, doesn't make coasters that can't be opened that shows up in the 'Rides' menu



Example Pic.png

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A problem with this is that most track pieces have different heights for each quarter square, while scenery can only be defined as a block where all occupied tiles have the same height (correct me if I'm wrong).

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Track pieces don't have different clearance heights per quarter square, they have one clearance height per sprite (or so it appears in the tile inspector at least). I believe scenery items are the same in this respect. You're correct that scenery items use the same clearance height for each sprite and track pieces don't. Track sprites also have their own draw code and don't seem to be split up in the same way scenery items are (scenery items have 1 sprite per tile, track pieces can have more than that).

I think OP is asking if you can place track pieces without building a ride, not whether you could convert track pieces to scenery items, so I'm not sure either point is relevant. I think the answer is probably "yes", but it may require alteration to the code (I'm not sure though, I haven't actually looked).

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In UCES there are already a lot of rail track pieces available as scenery (including junctions and other decorations), doing the same for other track types should be possible as well. Disable clearance checks if it gives problems with placement.

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