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Somebody is impersonating me in OpenRCT2

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Hey guys, when I was playing OpenRCT2 online, somebody is using my username and I don't like that. You can see that I am in the spectator group and I am not the only one, 5 other people got impersonated in-game this week. The impostor has bad grammar and lies to me and if you see the impostor, watch out and beware. Has anyone been impersonated before?


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Added picture and more details.
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I'm proud to report #3699 has been merged

This will be solved when accounts are needed, which will be in version 0.0.5. 

Good News: I just meet with Park Manager of MoT and he said to go in the server where the impostor was playing in and he killed the impostor by removing his key and username from his users.json file.

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Hey, no need to rush things I say. I'm still happy with the way development is going, given the amount of contribution that happens, plus the troublesome platform known as GitHub. Seriously, still after these infinite complaints from several people from around the world that work from GitHub, how is the system still so impractical for actual developers?

I'm still amazed at how you devs can remember a certain issue from almost a year ago and reference that in latest issues and discussions. How even...? 

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2 hours ago, daand12 said:

Same does happen to me to.


I was in a server yesterday and Birthdaybrian joined. 

I do know the beginning of his ip adress and i asked if that was true and he said yes.

Better to know some details of the real player and remember that.

I was in the server with you yesterday. I remember.

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Yes, it's happened to me too. And thewarf321. And sensual. And it's probably happened to a lot of others. My guess is, if you play on multiplayer a lot, it's bound to happen to you eventually. My advice: just let it happen, if you play on there often enough for it to happen to you then people should know you well enough to know that you wouldn't grief. And changing your name just makes things worse in my opinion. It lets the impostor know that what he was doing "worked" and just feeds him/her to do it more.

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I'm not saying for sure that he is the one who has been doing it, but I did see the nuisance known as Randy impersonating Bday today. If you haven't seen him before, Randy's the one who goes onto realism servers only to call shit on everything we make and 'brag' about his own server. I know it was him because randy had come into our game a few minutes ago, then rejoined with a new name but still bragged about his park, then when he was kicked rejoined as Bday and still started dropping comments about Randy's server but didn't respond when I asked him what state he lives in.

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I was running a sever about a month ago and I had to of the same people in my sever and one was making racist remarks and the other was saying that its wasn't him. I think we should put in a system that doesn't let 2 players with the same join the game until we have people use forum login.

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We have a plan to implement a priv/pubkey based system, where game host can tie permissions to the pubkey. It solves the problem of impersonation and persisting permissions in one go.

The plan is initially to use it as a self-hosted auth system, but it was designed to allow for integration with auth server, a trusted third-party just like this website, in the future.

There is no implementation yet and no timeline available, but we are working on it; we have limited workforce.

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18 minutes ago, birthdaybrian said:

I've seen Penguin aka cascadia being impersonated by three other people just recently in my server. Please release the log-in systems for this game because I am sick and tired of impostors.

There's wolffreak's mod as a temp solution, if you're interested.  I think it keeps track of IPs.

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45 minutes ago, birthdaybrian said:

I've seen Penguin aka cascadia being impersonated by three other people just recently in my server. Please release the log-in systems for this game because I am sick and tired of impostors.

Also, thanks for posting this!  :D

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