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Do you want to show off your park but it is not as good as you want it to be? Let me Fix the park! I love taking parks and turning them into gems, so now I want to help you. No need to give credit, show it off to youtube, twitch, or whatever platform you want! All that matters is that I get to rebuild parks and make them look amazing. 

Please note I am not looking to completing Scenarios 

What do you mean by "Fix" them?

I would Increase park rating, the number of guest in the park, park design, and  over all quality.

Can I send you any of my parks? 

Sure, if they follow the rules listed below.

How do I give you my parks?

Any way you want, just give me a link to where I can download it I tell you when I complete it.


  • No Default Parks (Parks that came with the game)
  • No Parks That use add ons or mods.
  • Only Original Parks you made or working on.
  • Send one at a time.
  • Park is in no way themed toward Racism, AntiRelegous, or Hate of ANY kind!
  • Park actually needs to be fixed.
  • No Spam maps!
    • No Rides.
    • Nothing placed.
    • Same Park you sent in the past. 

Not all parks will be Fixed, I let you know if I can't.





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The community park from the 'Group park 2' topic (page 2 of this board) desperately needs fixing. Huge park and attraction/stall/employee cap is already reached. Using the remove litter + fix vandalism cheat usually brings the rating back to 999, but it drops quite quickly after that. Due this low park rating the number of guests dropped by 2000.

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