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What map should our next mega park be?

Next Mega Park Maps!!  

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  1. 1. Which map do YOU want to be the next mega park map for thewarf321's server?

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The group of builders that I have befriended are amazing. I started playing openRCT about 2 or 3 weeks ago and ever since I started this mega park series I have collected more and more friends. Recently we finished our 2nd mega park and I am trying to decide what map to choose next. Keep in mind when voting that all of these maps will have no objective and unlimited money and ride types. There is no progression through the scenario at all.

Here are your options:


Option 1: This map is a small Hawaiian island that has been decided to be used as a venue to boost tourism. There are some preexisting rides including a go cart track, observation tower, and a vertical drop coaster.SCR43.thumb.png.c96420cee193463a09282c7c


The second option is a large forest with a river deviding it. It is a hilly landscape that features trees of all kind. Choose this one and you might find yourself removing more then 1 or 2 trees. SCR44.thumb.png.c7469c35e0c5d47d8de8874a


The third and final option is a ginormous open landscape home to 4 racing woodies that glide over mountains. This park is mostly empty with no trees at all. The perfect park for those of us that love to create terrain rather then edit what already exists.SCR47.thumb.png.bcac5897f8d2e3fdc105cc80

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