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People breaking my server rules, then getting mad at me when I enforce them.

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So recently I started my second mega park. The first one was fun because everyone was doing what I asked of them. There were a few people who I had to take a way permissions because they were not building realistically. So I load up the second mega park map and a few people who won't be named go around saying that my rules are stupid and use a lot of profanity in the process.

First of all, this is my server. It's my rules. If you can't respect them then go play on another server.

Second of all, don't get mad at me when I enforce my rules. Because if I didn't, they wouldn't be rules.

I understand that some people are more fit for a sandbox server then a realism server. In fact, that is usually where I tell them to go play on. If I tell you your breaking my realism rules then your going to get punished. Don't argue with me because, like I said it is my server with my own rules. Some people might say that my rules are not clear enough. Well just in case that is true, I posted them down here.

1. Build realistically. For example, if someone builds a go cart track that has drops and airtime hills, I will not accept it because, let's be honest. Has anyone ever seen that in real life. If so tell me where you have because I want to see for myself. This rule also includes the following things:

Do NOT build a station to high above the ground. (Over 15 ft. unless your going to build a decent looking station)

Do NOT build the same coaster type twice unless it is a wooden coaster or a twister coaster.

do NOT put more then 3 helixes in a row on a ride.

do NOT put a tiny drop then an inversion then a big drop on a ride (Unless it's it's one of the launch coasters)

do NOT build a ride without at least building a tiny station

do NOT use trees on sandy land

do NOT put a ride that is the same color then the one next to it (Unless I think it looks okay, Like dark blue next to water blue)

do NOT build a coaster that goes next to the path ways unless your planing to build a wall next to it.

Yes I know. After reading all these rules your probably outraged and mad at me for being so strict. Yes I'm sorry. But considering the fact that all the people who helped with the first mega park can follow these rules without me even telling them is pretty astonishing. Like I said, some people are just better at build sandbox/legit then realism.  

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chill bro. It's not like everyone of those people you mention will see these rules

In fact, I'm sure a lot of them won't even know these forums exist :P.

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