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Ride Intensity/Excitement Inaccurate or overly sensitive

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I have found the ride intensity/excitement judgments built in to open rct2 to be overly sensitive or inaccurate. I have built several rides that look and perform in a balanced or normal way, but the game is assigning them low excitement and ultra extreme intensity so that people vomit or don't ride them. I think someone should fix this, but i am also wondering are there any cheats that allow one manually adjust these measurements? 

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I once saw a coaster going at like 120 KM/H going over the smallest vertical hill possible for a Vert Drop coaster on a stream. It was ride able after doing this multiple times and through small turns. Everyone in the stream was going mad about this occurrence, even the streamer (This was a invite MP game)

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If the intensity is extreme the exitement will always be very low, as it simply applies a harsh penalty to the exitement.

The game only checks for spikes on the G-forces, having the same spike multiple times won't hurt, but one big spike will hurt your ratings. Especially horizontal g-forces will rapidly increase the intensity, the vertical ones aren't that bad (I've made lots of good coasters with positive vertical g-forces above 4G). Try to reduce the amount of inversions if you still have extreme intensity coasters (every inversion more than 6 will never do anything good to the ratings).

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what i'm saying is that i that i think the programming is flawed, and i understand that some rides are rediculously intense, and making them gentler will solve this problem. But hey it's not exactly real life its a game. I think there should be a way to adjust or turn off the ride intensity measurements manually. Or i think that the computer's judgments are programmed wrong and should be rewritten.

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The calculation should be the same as in the 'original' vanilla game.  The current calculations are pretty much as close as we can get with the values we have, apart from the rollercoaster addicts that think 20 loops and 50 airtime moments still isn't enough (split it into 5 coasters in that case). I thought there already was a cheat implemented that made guests ignore ride intensity.

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well i think the original game has a lot of problems too. And i'm telling you, i don't make rediculous 20 loops rides, i have made some relatively normal rides and the judgments seem off. It'd be nice if the scale went from 0 - 100 instead of 1-10; and 100 would be acceptable. or if you could set the relative intensity for the ride and setting this high would allow for a slightly more intense ride to score lower... i dunno, just suggesting

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Here are the ride rating calculations: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Ride-rating-calculation

The only thing that I might suggest is to decrease the effect of inversions on the intensity if there are more than 6 (for coasters like 'the smiler'). If you have any suggestions please show a coaster that suffers badly from the current ratings so I can understand the issue.

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Well, now that the information exits, i want to see the most exciting, lowest intensity/nausea ride possible... Or at least the highest possible excitement while still being ride able. I expect at least 11 to be possible, as i have seen a coincidental 10.02

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The launch itself is considered pretty intense already. Building the same coaster with the RCT1-like boosts instead (or a super fast chainlift) will result in a much lower intensity, but that's either not possible or not reliable. The extra intensity is applied correctly if the launch is the main thrill part of the ride, but indeed a bit high if it's not.

I've seen a coaster with an exitement close to 20 in UCES, it either used tons of scenery or used a trick that caused false exitement ratings. Today someone posted a coaster on these forums with exitement 8, intensity 5 and nausea 4, double all the good things (or slightly less) and you have a coaster with exitement 15 and an intensity rating just below 10 so peeps will still ride it.

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