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  1. This is sort of a catch-all post for various ideas. First, for overbanked/90 degree banked turns, I am not suggesting adding them at this point or anytime soon. They would be decent thing to add, but that's waaay down the priority list. Instead, this is a suggestion as to what the best way to go about adding them would be, someday far in the future. While RCT3 had selectable curve bank, that would be completely impractical in this game. Probably the best way to go about it would be to treat them similar to inversions using the special track pieces drop-down. Four track pieces would suffice; a banked to overbank or 90 degree bank pieces left and right (depending on coaster, it would have either one or the other, not both), and an overbanked turn medium radius left and right. Only maybe 3-6 coaster types would have them added, either an overbank or a 90 degree bank for a specific coaster, not both.

    Who knows, maybe someday those will be in the game.

    Another low-priority suggestion, which could very well be decided not to add - male/female peep differences would be effectively invisible in the game, only a few pixels, so there's no point. That said, differing peep hair color would be achievable, using it as a remappable color, and actually noticeable. It would certainly add some somewhat needed variety to a loaded coaster train, as well as for some coaster types/colors making it easier to tell if a car is loaded at all. Suggested colors are black, brown, blonde, red, and maybe light and dark brown. Frequency of each would of course have be different, with red having to be less frequent than the others and brown (or all browns together) being the most frequent. What's an open question is whether this should be done. This is another "at the bottom of the to-do list" suggestion, assuming it should even be implemented at all. It would certainly change the look of the game slightly, and perhaps/probably should be an optional feature. This suggestion is definitely more of a "throwing an idea out there of something that actually could be done on the topic" than a "this should really be done." 


    Suggestions to actually implement soon that are far easier:

    -Handymen set to only water gardens will leave the footpaths to water gardens; those with extensive flower beds not next to footpaths, often for boosting a coasters excitement rating, find this a source of endless annoyance, having to spend several minutes manually placing handymen every now and than or else waiting for rain. Trust me, it's annoying, and would as far as I know be a quick and simple improvement.


    -Very long/very exciting coasters add more to the soft guest cap as, probably as a tickbox in scenario options. Currently with harder guest generation selected, coasters over 6 excitement and over 600 meters long add their addition to soft guest cap twice again, while without it it doesn't matter how small or boring a coaster is. Perhaps coasters over certain (high) length and excitement thresholds should add more than their usual bonus to the soft guest cap. Example length thresholds would be 5000, 6000 and 7000 feet; example excitement thresholds would be 8, 9 and 10. How much of a bonus is actually a good question. This option would also reward players who build a modest number of pretty large and very high excitement coasters.


    -More difficult - An operating mode for transport rides to reverse the running direction (and the trains themselves). Occasionally you want to have a transport circuit run in the opposite direction as built as your park grows to funnel guests the other way, and even with no money it's a pain to rebuild the entire track circuit identical but going in the other direction.

  2. Seconding the call for uploading the new Intamin track. I can't find anything wrong or poor looking with the track in the pictures you uploaded. Even if they're not perfect, the important thing is that they still look a heck of a lot better than what we currently have, which is merging with a completely different type of track that with a result that looks pretty darned bad. Your track is a huge improvement over what's currently possible the way it is right now, and I think just about everybody would love to get to play around with it as-is.

  3. (Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to put this.) Simply put, is the next stable release of OpenRCT2 with the new save format going to include any new coaster types, or new track pieces for existing types? (Besides the RMC hybrid and single rail coasters.) I saw a reference to a wooden bobsled, so there might be. I'm trying to decide whether to wait for the next release to try out some ride ideas of mine.


    Also - what's the location of the download for the latest development builds (with/without new save format???)?. I looked all over github, but couldn't find any download links for anything, almost certainly due to lack of experience with the site.

  4. (Cross-posted from the Nedesigns site) I've spent the last few weeks looking for custom scenery by scouring the web and the Internet Archive for any defunct site I could find a link to, and I found plenty, most of which are content sets that haven't been available or only partly available for a decade.

    First, the complete Hollywood letters and numbers set, not seen as a complete separate download for years:



    Second, the complete 3D letters set (only part of which has been available for the last decade or so). These:



    Going way back, 0rang3sharpi3's complete steel lattice support pack.



    -Another 3D letters set with a weird design I found by accident.

    -The complete railroad pack, including several things not in the UCES.

    -The complete RS support group.

    -A bunch of high quality dark ride stuff.

    An archived site with a bunch of good water features and a pack of superhero content (not including what I was looking for though).

    An archived version of the -complete- RCTMart download section. Somebody lost to history apparently learned it was closing, and decided to save every single download page and file in the Internet Archive, and for that we're eternally grateful. Includes the complete Hairy Potter and LOTR parks and content, as well as a Disneyland and a Jurassic Park, and a whole bunch of other stuff, much of which is on Nedesigns but some of which likely isn't.

    Cross-posted from the Nedesigns site, where the thread containing the content and links is:


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  5. Pretty much as the title says, I've got a water coaster with single car trains and a long station, is there currently a method to adjust the speed a train moves through the station (on a specific ride only)? It would only be a 1, maybe 2 mph increase, so a still reasonable/realistic amount. Second, for a water coaster, is there a way to increase the "water section base speed" upward by a mph or two? (In this case it would be fine changing all coasters of that type, or even all tracked water rides.) I don't know if it's possible or not, and if it is that would be quite useful.

  6. Quote

    What might seem easy for you, can be a nightmare for developers. This one in particular requires a rewrite of the entire drawing engine.

    Got it. Perhaps put it under the "long term goals" category? Or perhaps add an option for custom filters instead? EDIT: Humm... Allow filtering by scenery group?? That might be the best solution.



    I don't think this justifies a new cheat. Perhaps a better way to handle this would be to make the 'rides don't decrease in value' cheat handle the popularity as well.

    Sounds good.


    FYI, the renew rides cheat literally refurbishes every single ride without the usual requirements so you don't have to do that manually.

    Which is exactly the problem. Taking care of refurbishments is part of the fun, so to speak, of running an old park. I want to have to take care of this manually. Using "renew all rides" removes one of the bigger gameplay mechanics of running the same park for years on end. For example, multiple occasions where there was the need to speed construction of a new large coaster so that the rapidly aging current flagship coaster can be closed for refurbishment without hurting the park;  planning how best to go about closing of one ride at a time for refurbishment while keeping guests in the right area of the park,  or making sure you refurbish the side-friction coasters before reliability drops below 50% due to the lack of block brakes and the possibility of brakes failure. Or mentally scheduling improvements (or in one case of rushed construction final excitement optimization) for the next refurbishment.


    Just like in real parks, when the rides were closed anyway for refurbishments I've used the opportunity to adjust station design, tweak track profiles, change brake runs, modify block systems, and fiddle with train lengths. in one case operational experience showed that in actual practice with 4 train operations one train was always sitting backed up in the station, so it was changed to three longer trains - just like in real life! (In one case adding a block brake was on the list of scheduled improvements, since when it was built I thought brake failures were so rare as to not be worth considering - that didn't end well.) Refurbishment is really an amazing mechanic that adds tons of dynamics (and fun) to the running of old parks.


    No: #2256



    Any thoughts on the idea of adding an an in-line twist to the corkscrew coaster using the identical lay-down coaster track sprites?

  7. I've got a whole bunch of suggestions, ranging from "easy and hopefully in next release" to "a guy can dream."

    First, the quick and easy ones:

    -A new cheat for "guests ignore ride age completely." The "rides don't decrease in value over time" cheat doesn't affect ride popularity, and the "renew all rides" cheat sets the ride age to one year and the reliability to 100%, completely removing the mechanic of needing to periodically refurbish rides and prevent brake failures through either design or maintenance. It's would actually be a pretty major improvement for those who run the same park for game-years on end, so guests can keep riding the existing rides while also having to take care of ride aging, breakdowns and refurbishment. PLEASE include this.

    -Joining those making the call for adjustable block brake speeds.

    -Fixing the "the drawing engine can't draw lists longer than 32767 pixels" issue.


    More complicated:

    - New Giga coaster track pieces (vertical track), and a Intamin LSM coaster, both using X7123M3-256's track he mostly already has.  (I assuming he provided the Hybrid track, so you'd be already working together. I wouldn't be surprised if this is already in the works.)



    --Something I discovered that would make an easy new track piece - The track sprites for the lay-down coaster in the upright position are exactly identical to the corkscrew coaster, but the lay-down coaster includes an in-line twist, which the corkscrew doesn't.  Currently you can use track merging to add a perfectly seamless in-line twist to the corkscrew coaster - since they are literally identical, the sprites from the lay-down coaster's in-line twists could be used to add an in-line twist to the corkscrew coaster (under "enable all drawable track pieces") using only existing vanilla track sprites. Of course, it's possible to decide the corkscrew coaster -shouldn't- include an in-line twist, so there's that.


    -Probably harder to implement, and perhaps not worth the trouble:

    -Somewhat more difficult, and I don't know how practical it would be, but an "undo" feature for raise/lower land, scenery construction/removal, clear scenery and maybe track construction. There have been plenty of times with highly complex scenery areas where I wish I could have taken back the last click by completely screwing up scenery that was a pain to make in the first place. Even just the last click only would be good, 5 clicks saved would be more than enough.

  8. I have an extremely large amount of custom scenery installed, mostly a result of stuff that came with the very large number of parks I installed, mostly in an (ultimately successful) attempt to find long-lost scenery items. My currently problem is that in the "advanced" tab the selection menu for small scenery, all items after a set number of items have the tickbox and name on the left side completely invisible, just blank. You can still scroll through them, the name, .dat and picture still come up on the right, but the actual name and tickbox lines display blank. You can actually still select them if you click the right spot, (where the tickbox should be), so there programming is working, but the GUI isn't. It appears to be after a fixed number of entries, not a proportion of entities, as the less you have selected the less gets cut off, and if it's under a certain number (which is only reachable with "custom" selected) everything is displayed correctly.

    This is rather annoying, especially since the lack of a "tick" means you can't really view selected and non-selected at the same time if you want to know whether you have it selected or not.

    Is this a known bug with a know fix, know bug with no fix, or a new bug? thanks.

  9. Quote

    It’s mostly by design. It is currently tied to specific ticks to ensure other stuff gets run too. On faster systems, we might be able run more of it at the same time if we spun it off to a separate thread, but special care is needed to ensure it doesn’t break multiplayer - having stats available changes guest behaviour, and having stats available earlier on _some_ clients would cause a desyncs.

    OK than, the extremely long times are mostly on huge coasters using just about every trick in the book to boost excitement, so it would have a lot of number crunching to do.


    Can you provide a test park for this? There are cases where this might be a bug, but it might also be correct: if you build a ride too high using cheats, and then attempt to raise the land, the resulting supports would still be too long.

    I could, but it seems that might have been the case, and the problem seems to have resolved itself on the highly raised block of land at least, so there's that.


    The boosters for the Corkscrew are indeed a bit underpowered, but they have to be in order to remain compatible with RCT1, as well as with old OpenRCT2 saves.

    Holy, crud, I didn't think about that! Just thinking about all the fine tuning that went into my wooden coasters, yes definitely keep them the same.

  10. I've scoured online, and though every defunct site I could find on the Internet Archive, and I can't find the remainder of the Hollywood Letters set. It's worth a shot, so does anybody have either the complete set or just more than is uploaded on Nedesigns? (I particularly need the "M".) Although I did find a complete copy of 0rang3sharpi3's old lattice support set, which isn't currently on nedesigns - should I upload them there?

    Second, scenery for a ride of mine could really use a "female superhero/movie character in a black catsuit" scenery object; Catwomen specifically would be ideal, but the differences for an ~10-20 foot tall object would be minor. - Rct2Fan's "The Batcave" at the long defunct RCT Revalutions has a "superhero" section for objects, so considering the name I'm assuming he probably did make one, but there's no way to go any farther than his category list on the Internet Archive.


    Also, another themed ride would benefit from some Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider style spinning blades, but I suspect those probably never were made, although I would certainly love to be wrong.


    Thanks, it's pretty much a shot in the dark, and pretty much a last chance with nowhere else to look. Thanks.

  11. This is just a head's up for several things that aren't quite bugs, but aren't ideas either, more like "things that could use improvement." First though, a question I hope doesn't offend everybody here but probably will - if you had to estimate, would the timeframe for OpenRCT2 0.4's release vaguely be more a matter of days, weeks or months? I'm apologizing right now, I know it will get released when it's ready, but I haven't been around here very long, just trying to get an idea of how these things work.

    OK, onto the "not quite bugs." (All but the first in build 0.3.41 simply because I hadn't gotten a chance to encounter them before I updated the software; the first in both that and build 0.3.4.) First, in a large, active park anyway with large coasters, ride rating calculation takes a really long time, As in "enough time to head to the kitchen for a drink" long. I don't know if there's any easy way to improve it, and anything more complicated to run it faster isn't worth the effort.


    Second, when editing land below a ride near it's support height limit, the game gives a "too high for supports" message, as it very well should, but it provides it when attempting to raise the land as well, as opposed to simply lowering it.

    Finally and more important, on the corkscrew coaster, the amount of additional velocity provided by each individual booster track piece is really small, and accelerating a train by not very much takes a ton of boosters, far more than it should. Of course it shouldn't be instant, it should take a series of boosters, but really the amount of additional velocity provided per individual booster piece should roughly be doubled.


    Again, not really bugs, but not new features either, more like "things needing improvement or fixing."


    (Moderators, if this is in the wrong subforum, please feel free to move it.)

  12. Funny thing - my takeaway from looking all this up was the brake failures aren't something to be concerned about. 

    Than my coasters started dropping below 50% reliability and more than 2 years old, and I've had two full-blown brakes failure crashes, and one "last breakdown" of brakes failure on a coaster that (usually) just barely wouldn't crash from it. One of them was on a mine train switchback coaster that only ran one train which was half full and not at the station, so I can confirm it affects ALL brakes, not just those at the station. (I paused it and have a screenshot of a mine train locomotive plunging off the end of a "destroyed" trestle into the canyon below, If anybody's interested.)


    Current takeaway - if your rides drop below 50% and and are more than two years old, with 10 or so coasters you'll have a brakes failure about once a year. Thanks for the top about block brakes, by the way, it's been useful during rebuilds.

  13. A simple question first - what's the "flying off the track" speed for the Reverser coaster, for crests of hills and beginnings of drops? A reverser coaster of mine suffered a crash after years of operation, and I never was able to figure out why, but those speeds might contain the answer.

    Second - how likely is a "brakes failure" breakdown, and what goes in to calculating the chance of a breakdown being that type? I've heard that more brakes either make it less likely or do nothing, and an offhand references that it's more likely when it's raining, and that reliability of the ride has to be below 50%, is any of that true? Also a brakes failure disables all brakes, not just the station ones, correct? 

    I've been running a large park for 20 years of in-game time, and I never let anything get below around 50 percent reliability before refurbishing it, but something breaks down every few minutes, and there's usually at least one ride broken down at any point. (Does breakdown rate for a given reliability vary with ride type? I've been using wooden and other older design coasters.) 10 minutes inspections on all rides too. I've had maybe a hundred breakdowns by now, but no brake failures, which seems somewhat odd, unless that's supposed to be how it works with a well-run park, but I'd have thought the odds would have caught up with me by now.

  14. I have a major wooden coaster (my own design) with a sky-high excitement, and it's currently running 4 trains of 6 6-person cars. In an effort to draw more guests into the park (the objective) how wise would it be in terms of stability to increase the trains to 8 cars? It's not pushing the limits by much. Another similar question involves increasing the number of cars in a water coaster (it uses individual cars) to 15-16, which is 4-6 more than there's room for in the station (but it has a long stretch of water track at 4 mph into the station long enough to safely hold them). One default design has 13 cars in block mode, and I'm wondering about this ride from both a game stability and possible practical problems standpoint. Basically it comes down to whether the cheat is stable with a slight increase beyond normal limits.

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