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  1. Artisan Valley is Completed! Took me weeks to complete this park Vannilla_Megapark.sv6
  2. Nice job! What is the coaster stats?
  3. Hi! I'm Shynx Tycoon! I Love to build small and medium sized coasters! Currently i still have a project to do. Its called project Mudkip Pond. !
  4. Good Job! I'm Currently researching Exciting Racing Coasters. You can make it sync 2-6 Coasters.
  5. Took me 4/5 Days to complete, Unfortunately, this park is still incomplete It was beautiful. Tell me some improvement ideas This topic will be updated soon! UPDATE: 6/13/2020 Its now completed! But the known issues are: Overcrowding Here is the updated park! Name changed into Mudkip Hills Download this park if you want to! Mudkip Pond.sv6
  6. THAT IS AMAZING! Although, you can Increase amount of rides in this park The Scenery is Perfect!
  7. Not Bad!, A little more landscaping and Ponds should be good! If you can, you can redesign this RMC a little bit more, because the Max + vertical G Is too high.
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