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  1. Just to let everyone know I will have upgraded my servers to the latest developer build. Please update your installation to the latest developer build to play. https://openrct2.org/downloads/develop/latest
  2. Hi all, 😀 DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/fBDmCA4 I have 4x new servers ran in headless mode (Now live) with a website (coming soon). The website will have a live online/offline status page as well to see if the servers are up/down. You can see them in the connection list as per below. You need 0.2.2 openrct2 update though! Server #01 - will be RCT1 Maps, Team Game only Server #02 - will be RCT1 Maps, Team Game only Server #03 - will be RCT2 Maps, Team Game only Server #04, will be RCT2 Maps, Open biggest map ever! Groups There are groups which include the following; Admins / Mods / Builders / Spectators / Banned - So if any of you are naughty you will get added to the ban group, which means you can't even chat! so be nice. Moderators I will be soon looking for moderators to ensure the servers are friendly to all. If you are this type of person and would like a moderator role please ask. Game saves The games will be saved every 1 min and will save up to 60 before over writting so there will be backups of the maps all the time up to an hour.If you would like to join feel free. Custom Content I will be adding custom content over the weeks to come including tracks/scenery and music for the rides! If you have any suggestions to make it better please let me know.
  3. Is it really needed though as what I would do is add a new group that can only view take away all perms and add a new group called banned or something like that and then set that player to the banned group.
  4. Hello, Trying to download using the OpenRCT2 Launcher x64 Bit version and get this message. (See attachment). Any ideas? Thanks. I have tried Developer Version and also Release version.
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