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  1. Hold UP i just got an idea to stop trollers for all! We could ban the MAC address of the person If thats not possible we can just ban the PC itself By using the FULL PC name.
  2. Well that would not work because people can just join with new ip address
  3. @Gymnasiast Yeah, I really did not mean to hurt you or make you mad or anything by posting the thread. Also how do you do a pull request
  4. We need a ban button. Many trollers and hackers can get through easily causing huge amounts of drama and destruction. Ban buttons are necessary so trollers and hackers can be stopped. Such as earl and satosh. We can't deal with them in a way that we can get rid of them permanently. Ban buttons are on every multiplayer game. Why can't this game have it? It's only a few more coding lines. I know the devs are trying to fix many bugs, but please. We need a Ban Button. People have already messaged the devs before. They gave out a bad excuse. I am not accepting an excuse. I, and many other people want action taken on them. We haven't had a ban button even since this was released. Ban buttons are important to any multiplayer game. Unacceptable for players who just build computer tracks into coasters. We can't even do that. We need a ban button for this game. Don't make another excuse. We all want A Ban Button.
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