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  1. 2 hours ago, Deurklink said:

    Protip: you can use the turnaround from the log flume to rotate your cars

    I forgot about that since I haven't used the log flume in ages. I tried the reverser coaster's reversing piece but that didn't work, I assume that's because of the special behaviour of those cars.

    Edit: Having tried this, the cars do a 180 degree spin as expected, but go back to their original facing direction afterwards. I don't know why this happens, but I think it's because the cars actually do turn, so they need to be face back to their original direction to continue along the track. I also assume this happens with the log flume too, but you don't notice since the logs are symmetrical.

  2. This video shows a coaster which I found out about, and since for some reason I actually kinda like the Heartline Twister Coaster (TOGO Ultra Twisters IRL), I decided to recreate it in OpenRCT2. The screenshot below shows the result.


    Although the real ride only runs with a single train, I've used multiple to increase the throughput and make it more practical in RCT2. You can see the first train looks like it's come off the track sideways, but that's just the way I did the turnaround section, since there is no turntable piece (yet?).606598108_Xtreme97Workbench20142018-10-2510-55-21.thumb.png.2af92ad6592a18b37e9f7e6c89459b2b.png

    Here I've changed it to a wild mouse and removed the other coasters I used to fill in the invisible parts, so you can see how the turnaround and the bottom of the lift hill work. It also allows you to see the brake run as actual brakes. In the actual coaster I used a second Heartline Twister with a chain lift section to replicate the appearance of the brakes and the correct track type.

    In the real coaster, the half inversion before the dive loop is inclined at ~45 degrees, but since that's not possible in RCT2 I've tried to match it as closely as possible. The length is just shy of the original:1,027 feet rather than 1,191, and it's also slightly slower. Interestingly, a sign on the original coaster said there was a maximum G Force of 4.5Gs, while my version only gets to about 3.2

  3. Mine's just updated and on a multiplayer server it didn't give the "undefined string" message, but when I tried to place certain pieces (the ones affected by this bug), they wouldn't place. Trying to switch part resulted in the track builder window not showing any part preview image, but it reverted to normal when I right clicked on another track piece.

  4. I quite like go-karts, and having seen this INSANE park that heavily features Go-Karts, I've thought of some things that could make them even better.

    1: Karts choose sides on merged track

    Currently, Go-karts will only go on one side of the track on straights and 1-radius turns (The parts used in the go-kart ride itself). However, when they encounter a large turn they will go in the centre of the track, which looks odd and doesn't match their intended behaviour. I'm not sure why they don't, perhaps there's some variables associated with track pieces to decide the offset that are only set for the go-kart's track pieces.

    2: Karts don't skip over diagonal elements (and others)

    When making a kart track with the arbitrary ride type changes cheat, I found the karts would just teleport past diagonal straights and 45* turn pieces, like a regular coaster teleports past golf holes. This limits how tracks can be built. I can understand skipping inversions, but one idea I have had is to make custom MK8-style karts with sprites for inversions etc., and this won't work if the karts just teleport past the inversions.

    3: Shortcuts and track splits

    I can understand this one being harder to implement, but since the karts can choose the side of the track they drive on, why shouldn't they be able to choose between 2 tracks? This would enable functional shortcuts or alternative routes. I like the above park's approach with one lap actually consisting of the karts driving two circuits of the track, but in my opinion having actual functioning shortcuts would make go-karts much more exciting.

    For this one, I do see many implementation problems, such as how to perform the split (probably a new track piece), how to check that all paths form complete circuits etc., so I'm not expecting it to be done anytime soon. But hey, it's an idea.

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  5. I'm going to add myself to this as well now that I've got more time

    @Bangaled Since you said you can't do it, I'm putting you in the missed list. Also @sage_lee you haven't claimed so @Leudimin I suppose it's your turn.

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  6. The arbitrary ride type changes cheat is (as far as I'm aware) definitely the best way to go. Just build the track normally, and when you reach a point where you want to add a part not included in the original ride, switch the ride type to one that has that part. Once you've done that you can change it back. The coaster will function exactly as you'd expect, but those pieces will be invisible as jensj12 mentioned. You can use zero clearance to build over the parts with the track you want to put there instead (making sure that coaster has those parts available) so it doesn't look like there's a massive  gap in the track, but do it in the opposite direction so the editor doesn't go all weird. If you do it in the same direction the editor won't let you extend the track since it thinks it's a complete circuit (with the other track there).

  7. 1. A- Merry-go-round is always the first to go in :)

    2. A- Probably build a couple of cheap profit coasters.

    3. A- I'd probably also start spamming bins to reduce litter and put first aid rooms near the high nausea coasters.

    4. A

    5. A- When I don't have much funds for a coaster I just use time warp until the profit allows me to finish the coaster.

    6. D at first, if they continue then A or B

    7. B- Due to my limited experience of IRL coasters I tend to focus on looks and what I think the guests would like, even if it's nothing like real coasters.

    8. A and D

    9. Mine train. I really like the aesthetics of it and the Wild West theme is my favourite in the game.

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  8. Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately the RCT1 path building system is missing from OpenRCT2, like it was in the original RCT2 game. I believe implementing such a system would require a new save format, which is the single thing that imposes most of the limits in the game.

    A few websites such as nedesigns.com have a variety of custom objects people have created, so someone has probably recreated the rct1 tiled paths there. Just download the files and put them in the openrct2/object folder, and they should show up in the scenario editor menu. If you enable debugging tools in the options, you can get them in an existing scenario by selecting the gears tab at the top, then choosing the "show object selection" option. This will bring up the same menu that appears in the scenario editor, where you can select and use the paths. Hope this helps.

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  9. Recently, I've started making my stations with custom internal details, such as multiple "lanes" and gates that line up with the rows on the coaster cars, as seen in most IRL stations (as far as I'm aware). Since I didn't want to hide everything inside, I left big holes in the walls and roof to allow you to see in from at least one camera angle. I then remembered the "Underground/Inside View" option, and wanted to see if I could use that to see inside the station when I wanted to, while still having walls and a roof for an outside view. However, I discovered that particular view option only hides scenery objects classed as "walls" (with the clearance being the edge of a tile). So, I was wondering if certain scenery objects could be marked as "roof objects", which would hide with the inside view selected. I understand that this would 99.9% likely require the new save format, but it's something I would like to see.

    Thinking about this, I wondered if you could get around the issue by making a roof object and giving it the clearance of a wall. Naturally, this would lead to funky placement results, but it *should* cause the object to hide with the inside view enabled. Now, I haven't made any custom scenery myself so I don't know if it's possible, but if it isn't I'd like to know why. I suspect there may be an issue with cutoff.

    If this is possible as a workaround, I may want to download some object editor program and try this. If anyone else wants to use them (or even make them themselves), please say.

  10. Unfortunately my laptop has a full C Drive so I can't use printscreen.

    When I tried to open the game, it worked fine until I tried to open a scenario (as a new game). The screen then showed the edge of the map as if it was on the title sequence. I couldn't click anything, and after a while the game crashed completely. I tried to reopen the game, but it gave me an error code which I cannot show since I screenshotted it, but after going into MS paint (Paint.net kept crashing too), I couldn't paste it because the clipboard was supposedly empty.

    Anyone have a clue what just happened? Is it just my laptop's lack of C drive space making everything become completely messed up?


    Now every time I try to open the game (using the launcher), the launcher shows fine, but when I click "play" the game closes instantly with no error message.

  11. From what I know, the game should prevent you deselecting rides you've already built. Furthermore, I believe the main reason for these limits is the game's save format. Are you able to save your game and successfully reload? As far as I'm aware the save format shouldn't let you do this, so please share what you've experienced.

  12. I was messing around in a sandbox park and I thought to myself "I wonder if I could make a Mobius coaster out of two different coasters merged together...". It's probably been done before, but here it is! Two coasters merged together, a Steel Twister called "Steel" and a Wooden coaster called "Wood". Very imaginative, aren't they?. I like to call this a Merged Mobius, but call it what you want.


    This is an overview of the coaster(s), showing a very rough station. I'd usually try a bit better on the scenery and add more around the actual coaster (I mostly just use trees though), but this is mainly me experimenting.


    Here's the two trains pulling out of the station. Can't see anything wrong here, can you?


    And finally the (actually pretty decent by my standards) stats of the two coasters. The stats seem to be calculated a bit weird imo, since both only show one inversion, even though I'd expect either 2 on both or 2 on Steel (since both inversions are made from steel coaster track) and 0 on Wood. I would like to know how the game handles the stats in this rather odd case.

  13. I'm using the development branch, so it might be different for you, but in the options menu, there's a dropdown menu on the first tab which says "graphics rendering" or something like that. There will be an option for "Open GL", so you should select that. There will also be a tick box for day/night and lighting, so these should both be ticked. Hope that helps.

  14. The problem with that is that my C: drive is so small, I've already moved pretty much everything I can over to the D drive. It's almost exclusively system files left on there. I guess I can sacrifice some loading time if it means I can actually use my computer, but I am starting to have other issues with the game crashing. It happened once when trying to load the scenario editor, and once when trying to exit to the main menu. I don't know what's causing it, but I'm assuming it's something to do with either the move to the D drive, my C drive filling up again (mainly internet temp files) or the fairly large amount of custom scenery objects I recently downloaded (which is the main reason I decided to move to the D drive).

  15. I want to move Open RCT2 from my Documents folder on the C: drive (Which is nearly full) over to the D: drive (With >600GB free space). However, after moving the files, the launcher just reinstalled the game to where the previous install was located. Is there any way to tell the launcher to use the D: drive version?

    Update: After finding this post, I made a symbolic link from the folder the launcher wanted to install OpenRCT2 to where I had moved it, but when I try to open the launcher, it goes into a state of "not responding" after the green loading bar next to the play button reaches 100%. Anyone know why this is happening? I'll try and leave it to see if it was just lag, but when I used it before it didn't take this long to load.

  16. This sounds like an interesting idea. Another idea I have come up with is two synchronised stations that are 4 squares apart, with queue and exit lines running between the stations.

    Expanding on this, I have also thought of synchronised block brakes and lift hills. I have tried a couple of Mobius coasters where the trains would be permanently desynched on the lift hill, due to having one train on a block brake later in the track, but the other track being 'free'. Usually this means having to run only 2 trains at once, but having synchronised block brakes and lift hills could allow 1) more trains to be used, 2) Mobius coasters with block brakes, where trains could resynch at the brakes if they are slightly out of time, or 3) A Mobius coaster with one station, but several synchronised sections.

  17. This is actually the first time I have ever built a successful Mobius coaster, and I'm pretty proud of it. Four angles, plus one with scenery + ground + paths removed. I've also got the stats here, and I think this is actually my first coaster ever with >9 excitement. It syncs pretty well I think, and I like how the trains barely have enough momentum to make it onto the chain lifts at the end. Overall, I'm really pleased with how this worked, even though this was my third attempt. I'm not that good at scenery, especially compared to some of the amazing things I've seen on here, but this contest is mainly about the coaster so I'm not too worried about that. Anyway, hope you like it!


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  18. 1 hour ago, joshmarsilio said:

    No!,...  -x86 is usually 32-bit. -"x64" is 64 bit. Your computer may be a 64-bit computer and if so you would need to download the 64 bit version of openrct2 or openrct2 launcher.


    I believe that what Jensj was trying to say is that if it were a 32-bit computer, "Program Files(x86)" would just be called "Program Files" since it would be the only one. The name implies there is another "Program Files" folder for 64-bit programs, and the computer is using 64-bit Windows.

    If in doubt, the 32-bit version should work on a 64-bit computer/OS, so that's the one to go for if you're unsure. Only if it was the other way round would there be an issue (as in trying to run a 64-bit program on a 32-bit computer).

    From the top screenshot, it looks like you're trying to access the .exe from inside a zipped folder. This is most likely why it can't access the file. You need to extract the folder's contents first before you can run the program.

  19. 8 hours ago, LordMarcel96 said:

    I think there are two problems at play here. The first is that you have a bad path layout. You have a couple of dead ends and some loops that go nowhere, which both confuse the guests. This causes guests to not be able to find rides and get lost (I also got red messages about guests getting lost), which causes them to want to leave.

    I have a couple of things to say here:

    1) Would making that section with the two loops (shown on the screenshot above) into a single large food court help at all? Or should I turn it into a single path with the shops at the side?

    2) Since I wanted to use a layout with more hilly terrain (mainly so I can incorporate it into rides), I've tried making the paths fit round the terrain, and try to reduce path complexity while working round the terrain, such as having the main path going straight down the centre. However, is there a better way I could do this? I've read about how peeps navigate (and the guest spawning guide), and tried to fit that in but I kind of prefer the look of this sort of layout.

    3) About guests getting lost, I've seen a guest on one side successfully find their way to a ride on the other side of the park, and give up just a few tiles from the start of the queue line for the ride they're trying to get to. I've seen it's due to peep AI and it seems to happen quite often in large parks, so there's not really anything I can do about that.

    8 hours ago, LordMarcel96 said:

    The second reason is probably that you reached the guest limit for the number of rides you have. Once you reach the limit, the game will start generating guests at a much slower pace while guests will still leave at the same pace, causing a decrease in guests. When I ran your park for a couple of years, the guest count stagnated around 3225 guests, and eventually, it started picking up again. 200 guests complaining about overcrowding in a park of over 3200 guests isn't a problem. Overcrowding doesn't become a problem until about 1/4 or more of your guests complain about it.

    I see your point there. According to the guide on guest generation, my suggested guest maximum is actually only 1953, and my park has over 3200.

    As for the overcrowding, I understand that it's not much of a problem considering the size of park and numbers of guests, the problem is that this wasn't happening before, and has suddenly gone from maybe 1-2 to 200 guests complaining. This has also caused issues with litter, puking and hence vandalism in that area. I've been setting up security guard patrols round the food court areas where people usually sit and gather, but the vandalism is extending into paths without these patrols.

    I guess from this it makes sense that I'm getting a decrease in guests. Plus, I have been getting several awards that increase the spawning probability, but haven't got any in a short while. This is probably due to the overcrowding in that area, and is likely contributing to the fall in guest numbers. I am however still unsure of what caused the sudden overcrowding problem in this area, possibly something to do with peep AI and the two nearby rides, but I'm not sure. The fact that it's only started recently after the path and food court has been there for ages is what's troubling me most.

  20. I've been playing this save game for a while, and the park rating has been at 999 for quite some time, with a few drops here and there, which are kind of expected given the size of the park. But the guest numbers have been steadily increasing ever since the park was built, aside from one drop where I accidentally disconnected a ride exit path causing guests to get stuck, complain about crowding, and then leave once I reconnected the path.

    Recently, however, the number of guests has been dropping. I've also got about 200 guests complaining about "It's too crowded here", quite near two rides that I build fairly recently: The top spin and "Ladybird Loop". Perhaps this crowding is due to the positioning of the rides, but I haven't had this problem elsewhere in the park. It could also be due to a recent crash caused by a brakes failure (on the ONE coaster I didn't use brakes and block brakes), but I did since put in brakes and block brakes, and reset the crash status so peeps will actually ride it again.

    Anyone know what the problem is, and how to sort it? This is the area with the peep crowding issues:


    And this is the save file (Uses custom scenery but no expansions as I'm using a disk version without them):

    Wild Woods 2.sv6

  21. Not yet, but I'm just about to do it now. Is there any way I could record an audio clip of it happening, and would that help solve the problem?

    I should also add that this has been happening since I installed OpenRCT2 a couple of weeks ago, so it's not just a problem with the latest development version.

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