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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAV5tXKufVFmarXzNSEgrhw Sometimes I do some random blogs, but over there, I might not be online or post videos more often, but his is where my content is gonna go.
  2. Happy National Rollercoaster Day for all users around the world. This event will be bigger than ever.
  3. A fan made coaster of Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster, this special ride does exist for a new movie. Updating description soon.
  4. Ha! Didn't know what could go wrong? I do.
  5. What if kids age of 13 rode the Joker? Oh yeah, my favorite ride at Six Flags Great America I've built is The Joker 4D Free Fly Coaster. (Well, no. I use multi-dimension.) With two beyond 90 Degree drop, wicked flip, and wild inversion! only 0.00000000000000001% of people can build this attraction!
  6. Yeah, but in 2012, it is actually Goliath. But yeah, as you can tell the differences between their names.
  7. The Support is white, but I changed it.
  8. Yeah, there's a bunch of other rides I built. So I didn't crop it.
  9. 2 day ago was Pokemon Day & I've finally got a chance to build one! SO this attraction is called you know his item, Poke-Ball. You know Pokemon right? Awesome, but if not, it was invented by Nintendo. Well, sure this may look like a steel superloop, but I used a B&M dive coaster which is I think it's pretty lame. Sure, I still have one as an object. So here: Ride Type: Intamin LSM Launched Coaster (It is now changed) Rated: 1.5 out of 5 stars. (Still.....) Results: Excitement Rated: 6.73 (High) Intensity Rated: 7.93 (High) Nausea Rated: 3.80 (Medium) Max. Speed: 48mph Ride Time: 0:57 Drops: 5 Inversions: 10
  10. Yeah, I though this was going to work. 8-P Sure I can post it on YouTube. Thanks!
  11. This is the fan made coaster of Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Now, I make my new ride called X-Flight. An X-Car coaster thing is a brand new thrill in Funworld Springfield. This rides contains 2 forward launches, 3 inversions, & 4 drops. Opened: Last Year (Not Real. :-( ) Locate: Time Travel Station (Next to Slingshot, behind Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster.) Excitement Rate: 7.10 Intense Rate: 6.53 Nausea Rate: 3.36 Rank: 4 stars bandicam_2018-01-02_09-55-08-085.mp4
  12. AndrewTheWolf2020

    My Park!

    So This one is called Funworld Springfields. Well, kinda look like somewhere in Alabama. But this is my park. This contains more than +50 rollercoasters, 30 thrill rides (I can't count right), 10 kids rides, 9 themes, one park. There's more photos in each themes I'll tell you on the next scenery & links, the next time if I get a chance to upload, or after lunch. About this park: I built this, because I worked very hard to make it look satisfy. This was lasted March 1, 01 to ? ?, 1?. History: This is where I built when I own RCT 3 Disk Pack: I pick RCT2, I use "Build your own Six Flags Park", then I start building the smallest park. But I don't know what to do anything else. But now, I almost know everything. Then I turned the older one, into this! So I decided to do this. The world biggest park in the entire PC games.
  13. Guys, whoever is reading this, I'm going to do a remastered of Blue Dragon in my different park. I didn't save it. But I saved the other park. Sorry about that.
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