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  1. 15 hours ago, jensj12 said:

    Are any other parks affected by the same issue?

    (Missing images often have to do with object files not being loaded properly, but that doesn't explain the empty ride list.)

    No, this is the only save that is affected by this. The other saves run just fine with the rides showing.


    2 hours ago, Timmy said:

    seems like you lost all the savegames that were saved in this critical 24hrs with the fail version.... still not fixed, maybe unfixable

    I checked the autosaves (I don't remember how often I had it set to save) and they were affected by it as well.

    If need be, I can just restart the park.

  2. Hello, everyone,

    While I was playing my save on the park, Wacky Warren, I noticed that the rides disappeared, guests were riding on them somehow, and that there were 0 rides and stalls on the overall attraction list.

    I have attached the save where I encountered this and a screenshot of this. I did use cheats in the save, so, I don't know if that has anything to do with this.

    Game version: v0.2.3-185 (d730a76 / develop) x64


    WW 2019-02-06 (broken).sv6

  3. Hello!

    I've been noticing a weird texture in the overall view windows of rides. The first time I noticed this, I thought maybe it's just certain graphics not loading properly possibly because of lag since my current PC isn't strong at the moment, but, this hasn't happened before. I have also thought maybe something happened with a saved game so I tried a new park and I'm still noticing it. What's even weirder is when I try to load the screenshot into an editor to crop it, the black texture turns white.

    v0.1.2 / build 67ebf40 (Windows 10 x64)

    Alton Towers 2017-11-19 02-15-49.png

  4. On 04/11/2017 at 08:32, Leudimin said:

    Now replace the trains with trams, the intensity rating will be even higher :D. And then change the track type to Heartline Twister, this guarantees the intensity rating going over 100 (even though the coaster mostly becomes invisible).

    Well, I did replace the trains with trams, and the intensity rates weren't crazy different, however, I couldn't figure out how to get the track type changed. o.O

    tram test.png

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  5. 1 hour ago, Deurklink said:

    Haha i actually read a bit about Intimidator 305 before i made my post. They reprofiled the first curve to reduce the g-forces, because people kept blacking out :P

    Good lord... I just watched a POV of it and I can see why that is happening. Some people said it goes as far as 5 G's. O.o

  6. 6 hours ago, Deurklink said:

    These designs are definitely an improvement.

    Some things i would avoid:
    - On Apollo, you now basically have a wall blocking the view of half of your coaster 9_9

    - On Jungle Taktix you put down a wall and some trees in a big area around the coaster, which would only allow it to be placed on a big flat piece of land. If i save a design with scenery I only place it very close to the rollercoaster. (Like you did in miney mo)

    - On Frozen waves, after the second drop there is a sharp 180° turn. Imagine dropping 40 meters and then taking a sharp turn at 100+ km/h :D If you want to look more like a realistic coaster you should probably make the turn wider or move it to a hilltop.

    (Apollo) I was attempting to make it look buried, to where the peeps could only look forward during the chain lift then they would see everything when they were at the top of the tracks. I originally attempted to just bury the chain lift so it would be dark until ride was at the top (kind of similar to the Disaster Transport at Cedar Point, with the difference being that only the chain lift is covered but that didn't work too well.)

    (Jungle Taktix) I figured if I spread out the scenery, the ride and scenery would fit in a jungle-themed scenario, but, I can move the scenery a little closer to the track.

    (Frozen Waves) It would be a good idea to throw another hilltop there.

  7. On 14/10/2017 at 01:59, BlazingEmpireHD said:

    I am glad you like the lunar style scenarios, at least! They are really out of this world! I'll see myself out. I am not sorry.

    Nice one. :D

    On 14/10/2017 at 01:59, BlazingEmpireHD said:

    Anyways, more scenarios coming out real soon! Stay tuned!

    I will.

  8. On 23/03/2017 at 02:11, BlazingEmpireHD said:

    Yes, I figured it was about that time that I showed off my works via my scenarios. At the moment, I've got 90 available (and several more in the works) for download here! >>>https://rctgo.com/downloads/members/27797/sort/date/desc

    But, instead of spamming links, I'll give a the name of each scenario, an overview of the entire map, the goal etc as well as the difficulty, starting from number 1 and on up.

    Since I am actively making scenarios, the list will increase as time goes on! I hope that you, as others, have said and done, enjoy my scenarios. The purpose is to bring in an entire new ensemble of scenarios based around RCT2 as the RCT2 scenarios were a bit of a let-down.

    I've done a few recreations (kind-of) some RCT1 scenarios, reduxed versions of some (one), and now have begun recreating the RCT3 scenarios.


    Thanks for the many many downloads! Enjoy!


    01 - Chamber Lake^* - Medium, 1,300 by year 2

    58d36358911cf_ChamberLake2017-03-2301-40-34.thumb.png.47961fb81a2c7a5b9adea8300e0aba2e.png02 - Heigel Desert - Medium, 1,900 guests at any time with the rating above 700 58d363cf92a76_HeigelDesert2017-03-2301-44-18.thumb.png.d3dd337d5d3986aea3d1df6d22c9ef58.png
    03 - Tipton Bay* - Easy, park value of 77k by the end of year 2.58d3644b64b7e_TiptonBay2017-03-2301-44-46.thumb.png.bbf9c1f3e8900ddc232a720407e6b731.png04 - Ashton Gardens - Hard, 1,500 guests by year 358d365385ae07_AshtonGardens2017-03-2302-00-13.thumb.png.d7382c7717c270bdd7bc1b9ca91f6640.png05 - Mammoth Shores*** - Easy, 11k ride tickets at any time58d365c08f5e7_MammothShores2017-03-2302-00-30.thumb.png.bfa198bdbcc33569524f5d9c1095b3ed.png06 - Funland - Medium, 17k in ride tickets at any time. 58d36643ce154_Funland2017-03-2302-01-26.thumb.png.71b9d864fb6aec4f0eb7f87b5e7cbb0e.png07 - Cataclistic Cliffs - Easy, 700 guests by the end of year 2.                                                                                                                       58d366a03866b_CataclisticCliff2017-03-2302-02-03.thumb.png.c7dcaf5ce64a3c201c792e47036e870c.png08 - Disaster Plains - Medium, 170,000 park value by year 4.58d426a642c27_DisasterPlains2017-03-2315-23-39.thumb.png.a605b48d1715587c3dc23b0959011098.png09 - Holiday Forests** - Meidum, 1,100 by the end of year 358d42699e0a90_HolidayForrests2017-03-2315-24-05.thumb.png.44f2a8f811f9398dde3b79b507586a36.png10 - Qualdic Rock* - Medium, 15k in ride tickets at any time58d4269496a27_QualdicRock2017-03-2315-25-18.thumb.png.31bb5c4928588284d7b591ffafaa4e1f.png11 - Galadriel Heights - Hard, 2,700 at any time with the park rating not going below 700 at any time.58d426a18f385_GaladrielHeights2017-03-2315-25-40.thumb.png.99894868edaf1efc0f8d3748840619b7.png12 - Arctic Escapade - Easy, 1,300 at any time with the rating not going below 70058d426b61ae87_ArticEscapade2017-03-2315-37-20.thumb.png.fa2e29e57575de0bb1ba1a59957129ae.png13 - Gentle Cliffs* - 700 guests by the end of year 158d4269edffa8_GentleCliffs2017-03-2315-38-14.thumb.png.e040bed03ab7b0ed530cf65a388112b4.png14 - Corciea Mountain** - Easy, 58d426aad058f_CorcieaMountain2017-03-2315-38-43.thumb.png.520274d24774c99e720ad9f1bac9251e.png15 - Quiet Quarters - Medium, 1,500 guests by year 358d42691d592f_QuietQuarters2017-03-2315-39-09.thumb.png.ebd4a60f688add300eb9edc422faaf89.png16 - Swamp Cove* - Medium, 15,000 in ride tickets at any time.17 - Windy Desert*** - Hard, 3,400 guests at any time with the rating not going below 700.58d42684d146f_WindyDesert2017-03-2315-41-53.thumb.png.e4848acb5c640d3db33487adfafa3ad3.png18 - Triple Pine Park - Medium, 1,800 guests at any time with the rating above 70058d4268a46db9_TriplePinePark2017-03-2315-42-10.thumb.png.9fa3a26bbc03d547a841238a26914905.png19 - Crater Conundrum<3 -  2,400 guests at any time with the rating above zero (Yes, I know, third one in a row)58d426a84e500_CraterCondundrum2017-03-2315-42-28.thumb.png.1797bb7710c79b9b8dc752a25f7bcfec.png20 - Volcano Height<3 - Medium, 600 guests by year two without adverting      58d426876adff_VolcanoHeights2017-03-2315-43-56.thumb.png.9e160c2050ded58fe3ab384b45236286.png 21 - Whitewash Cove -  Medium, 3,400 in food and drink purchases at any time.58d9685a9487b_WhitewashCove2017-03-2715-30-16.thumb.png.0909cd991c98ffd125c198f6388672c6.png 22 - Christmas Creek -  Medium, 225k park value by the end of year 3.58d967c26c5e3_ChristmasCreek2017-03-2715-06-21.thumb.png.c1ce4f9f029d1fb31ebfac2e5fe55900.png23 - Aura Valley **-  Hard, 1,800 guests by the end of year 3.58d967ac13b5c_AuraValley2017-03-2715-07-04.thumb.png.dc974201f0b7ed59daa43215216e24d0.png24 - Brecoma Cove - Easy, 1,300 guests by year 2.58d967bcc79a1_BrecomaCove2017-03-2715-07-17.thumb.png.bc2b60d3b193e9bf85d461e3e98de9a4.png25 - Orange Hill Park -  Medium, 1,000 guests by the end of year 4.58d967f960651_OrangeHillPark2017-03-2715-07-48.thumb.png.09664e9b19e83c0e4a2016395b482c54.png26 - Jalapatin Plains - Medium, 2,000 guests at any time with the rating above 700.58d967dcf2f9b_JalapatinPlains2017-03-2715-08-15.thumb.png.f6bfa17c4d85201ebcb1b2ef0490ba00.png27 - Kagadil Farms - Medium, 11,000 ride tickets at any time.58d967e564663_KagadilFarm2017-03-2715-08-34.thumb.png.64a3def446fd0dd3217d2132fe9a896c.png28 - Dandy Desert - Hard, 18,000 in ride tickets at any time.58d967c74df77_DandyDesert2017-03-2715-08-58.thumb.png.c45d6262ea38d1e81b586518841dbdd9.png29 - Floraland - Medium, 2,100 guests by year 5.58d967d7d3bee_Floraland2017-03-2715-10-55.thumb.png.2d5f05f391e5d3664ae49a85117c706d.png30 - Sinco-Sekatara Mountains - Medium, 10 coasters with the excitement of over 6.058d9680b0d0df_Sinco-SekateraMountains2017-03-2715-11-18.thumb.png.57ee1fa08fc11d3fb93a4d55ce664299.png31 - Islands of Vulcano - Medium, repay loan and achieve a park value of 220k.58d967da4b80a_IslandsofVulcano2017-03-2715-11-52.thumb.png.d871cbeb3462acc28df1f5bd02d68f80.png32 - Zenith Rocks - 10 different coasters with an excitement of 6.0+58d97122de793_ZenithRock2017-03-2716-05-15.thumb.png.b76bcf39fedc2d967a734d93f1278270.png33 - Erin's World - Hard, 28k from ride tickets at any time.58d967ca61d80_ErinsWorld2017-03-2715-15-14.thumb.png.70226e5d580ef1f836cac39db1df7ad4.png34 - Krystalite Caverns - Easy, 2,100 guests at any time with the rating above 700.58d967e7eecda_KrystaliteCaverns2017-03-2715-15-58.thumb.png.06c77ef1e3559611e140856703a1b2e6.png35 - Heigel Highlands - Hard, 3,200 guests at any time with the rating above 700.58d971e63c892_HeigelHighlands2017-03-2716-11-07.thumb.png.3bd85e5cb61d7ab562d6348bee20ed62.png36 - Prickly Point - Hard, to achive a park value of 125k by the end of year 3.58d967fe7daf4_PricklyPoint2017-03-2715-18-23.thumb.png.e1d2be060d71f6b3b2c8504559b6609a.png37 - Sindaccio Falls - Medium, Park Value of 500k by the end of year 5.58d9736c2087c_SindaccioFalls2017-03-2716-12-26.thumb.png.d701fa505a6bd94572f46db9ac9f4232.png38 - Cyprus Groves - Medium, repay loan and achieve a park value of 125k.58d9741ce924b_CyprusGrove2017-03-2716-19-48.thumb.png.45ab7bbc884ea554073c76153bc83de6.png39 - Meadowlark Valley - Hard, 19k in ride tickets at any time.58d967ea9287d_MeadowlarkValley2017-03-2715-19-13.thumb.png.f8d3d09c67c2127d0cdab3db00b777b0.png40 - Aldibahi Desert - Very Hard, 4,200 guests at any time. You'll see why it's very hard. ;) 41 - Stepstone Alley - Hard, repay loan of 37k and achieve a park value of 206k.58d96815d4a49_Unnamedpark2017-03-2715-21-01.thumb.png.79e8f24597dbd34eaadfc990e99fecd3.png42 - Pecos Flats - Easy, 125k park value by the end of year 4.58d967fbdf30a_PecosFlats2017-03-2715-21-28.thumb.png.cb216d25cd63d242fab804a00f41170a.png43 - Bummer Beach*** -  Medium, 3,200 guests by the end of year 5.58d967bfa9344_BummerBeach2017-03-2715-21-51.thumb.png.c62e2f2d09bb9a4c7303782c8c7f2cdf.png44 - Everdale Peaks - Easy, 1,300 guests by the end of year 4.58d967d52b10a_EverdalePeaks2017-03-2715-22-09.thumb.png.2b22e530657ab5ef6501d8c15af03e24.png45 - Brockenburra Island - Hard, 34,000 in ride tickets at any time.46 - Japolandia - Achieve a park value of 425,000 by the end of year 6.58d967df482af_Japolandia2017-03-2715-23-11.thumb.png.005f8c582077ceee332d8b5265c88b95.png47 - Tropico Bay - Hard, 3,200 guests by the end of year 5.58d9680db45f9_TropicoBay2017-03-2715-23-51.thumb.png.dd57e258d0c3fcde4aa65b3a0d295b72.png48 - Olgthl Peak - Medium, 1,800 guests at any time with the rating above 700.592cebc446ada_OlgthlPeak2017-05-2923-49-11.thumb.png.eb890c0aead1d2187edcb213a97277ef.png49 - Amethyst Heights*** - 1,700 guests by the end of year 4.58d967a8f0edf_AmethystHeights2017-03-2715-24-49.thumb.png.7a1f1d1eeac91c13f653bef67190d7b9.png50 - Biome Quarters - Very Hard, 1,150,000 in park value by year 25.58d967ba08174_BiomeQuarters2017-03-2715-26-11.thumb.png.a01bf7693a2d415b9389eb91d2625ffa.png51 - Wythner Bay - Easy, 1,350 guests by the end of year 4.58dee98cf32a7_WythnerBay2017-03-3119-37-05.thumb.png.4a87d12ecfb517cdad31d636da17baf3.png52 - Arid Heights Redux* - Medium, 2,000 guests at any time with the rating above 700.58dee96edb2f2_AridHeights2017-03-3119-37-36.thumb.png.d3b52cd9e5af16e5fa07ed3e56a6c52b.png53 - Icara Iceburgs* - Hard, 10 different coasters with a rating of 6.0 or above.58dee98136368_IcaraIceburgs2017-03-3119-38-11.thumb.png.584e9456a7b3cee8ccc6eba11f383b30.png54 - Lake Chaski*  - Hard, 35k in ride tickets at any time.58dee984782e6_LakeChaski2017-03-3119-38-37.thumb.png.8a47c9b5abf8b36bca12f568652dac9c.png55 - Froggy Bottom Marsh - 1,500 guests by the end of year 4, with guests wanting less thrilling rides.58deeba9585a1_FroggyBottomMarsh2017-03-3119-51-44.thumb.png.fbe22bd3d135d559b58352d12e409d5d.png56 - Red Rock Mountain - Hard, repay a loan of 47k and achieve a park value of at least 210k.58dee9870801a_RedRockMountain2017-03-3119-39-11.thumb.png.1635b55150477e0b037bd485be9f8294.png57 - Cottonmouth Gultch - Medium, repay a loan of 45k and achieve a park value of 125,000.58dee9745b328_CottonmouthGultch2017-03-3119-39-34.thumb.png.3452647deff0f6ee09a56499867b5e83.png58 - Evergreen Paradise* - Easy, 1,300 guests by the end of year 4.58dee97ae3ae6_EvergreenParadise2017-03-3119-40-08.thumb.png.c3146fa678ca1f2c999191c30d0f61f3.png59 - Dulsar Canyon - Hard, 2,800 guests by the end of year 5.58dee97720f51_DulsarCanyon2017-03-3119-40-34.thumb.png.547671547fc790466d6aaa2c518dd681.png60 - Falcon Falls - Easy, repay a loan of 65k and achieve a park value of 100k.58dee97e45412_FalconFalls2017-03-3119-41-02.thumb.png.a9eebf21091a2d827a141735c3ed67fb.png61 - Calico Creek - 1,200 guests by the end of year 4. 58dee971531f1_CalicoCreek2017-03-3119-41-22.thumb.png.a12e99ed38be054161a486e39c2212ec.png62 - Vanilla Hills - Medium, 1,500 guests by the end of year 3.58deee298d698_VanillaHills2017-03-3119-41-41.thumb.png.16a7d0ab0b08e7dbd2aee21734055516.png 63 - Redford Creeper Trail - Hard, 2,700 guests at any time with the rating above 700.58def0ff507b7_RedfordCreeperTrail2017-03-3120-06-53.thumb.png.983b87a263939c42ebdab5e8551b3fe9.png64 - Lemira River - Hard, 10 different coaster types with a rating above 7 and a length of at least 6,562ft!58def10928346_LemiraRiver2017-03-3120-07-26.thumb.png.66cac3b6c017737da63329ad273c7059.png65 - Sundry Fields - Hard, 10 coasters with the excitement rating of 6.0 or above.58def10225970_SundryFields2017-03-3120-07-52.thumb.png.cbb150cf5c67f8b79e672820d152eee5.png66 - Berdeaux Bridge - Easy, 1,000 guests by the end of year 3. 58e3382f69344_BerdeauxBridge2017-04-0400-42-51.thumb.png.cf3cd4e6a5380c597878f5c3582cdecf.png
    67 - Tepiko Tundra (Redone) - Hard, 3,100 guests by the end of year 4.591bad3699796_TepikoTundra2017-05-1621-40-47.thumb.png.fbee6a3c6fb11445882e1d16f133e9e3.png68 - Otega Park - Easy, 1,100 guests by the end of year 3.591bad2f603d6_OtegaPark2017-05-1621-41-02.thumb.png.8a1b820e19f893388c973874c3508b25.png69 - Vampire Woods - Medium, 1,700 guests by the end of year 3.591bad2ca295e_VampireWoods2017-05-1621-41-24.thumb.png.d042980c912eba4047482eaf6e75d000.png70 - Dehjago Quarry - Hard, 1,900 guests by the end of year 3.592ceb4f682d5_DehjagoQuarry2017-05-2021-11-49.thumb.png.3ff5583ea382f7ebf0aa28fb1ec5e301.png71 - Pikaad Isle - Easy, 1,000 guests by the end of year 4.592ceb4211393_PikaadIsle2017-05-2500-25-53.thumb.png.4813ff7cee282d94ea663cfe7d145d69.png
    72 - Jackal Heights - Hard, repay loan of 43k and have a park value of 355k.592ceb2bd28ed_JackalHeights2017-05-2923-19-23.thumb.png.3ff20ef3ba50bd6d4b22e37b4ecb93fd.png73 - Whispering Winters - Medium, 2,500 guests at any time with the rating above 700.5934817a732f9_WhisperingWinters2017-06-0116-06-43.thumb.png.c44fdf5fa3e0d1c276f196d25c063812.png74 - Yellowtail RIdge - Medium, 10k in ride tickets at any time.5934817f19e3e_YellowtailRidge2017-06-0318-01-43.thumb.png.704f9389297033459ce8946dbb8721ad.png75 - Kantuscki Cove - Easy, park value at 175k or more by the end of year 3.59348182989f9_KantusckiCove2017-06-0400-09-42.thumb.png.ecee45a8b709c54fb92eff42665f43e8.png76 - Sizzling Sands - Hard, 10 coasters with a length of 7,218ft and a rating of at least 7.0.5938e9614462a_SizzlingSands2017-06-0515-10-29.thumb.png.f6d9b444a9a3ca1c4e761efd01cae3d0.png77 - Izioxzic Worlds - Medium, 1,700 guests by the end of year 3.5938e9709208f_IzioxzicWorlds2017-06-0619-39-05.thumb.png.88c3d9beb134b574b19597284a1e8bda.png
    78 - Rosatina Vinyards - Easy, 900 guests by the end of year 2.5938e9598a7a6_RosantinaVinyards2017-06-0801-48-22.thumb.png.ac9e5a774e0acbf19871c42e906b7c3b.png79 - Mephitic Marsh - Medium, 1,500 guests by the end of year 3.5973f6347d7e1_MephiticMarsh2017-07-2220-30-04.thumb.png.9d78f5366c3371a41c37592b001351ac.png80 - Galapagos Isle - Medium, 350k park value by the end of year 3. 5973f62e174f6_GalapagosIsle2017-07-2220-30-57.thumb.png.7076edb1350fa5f8e7971d9a426a32e1.png81 - Fahrenheit Frolics - Hard, 3,400 guests at any time with the rating above 700.5973f62a6c490_FahrenheitFrolics2017-07-2220-32-56.thumb.png.2905e848433b5103033352a11d0e29bb.png82 - Snakehead Shores - Medium, 10 different coasters each with an excitement rating of at least 6.0.5973f62660845_SnakeheadShores2017-07-2220-53-00.thumb.png.0650097c4c0e414cdee82624e5d572b3.png*New* 83 - Meadowvale - Medium, 700 guests by the end of year three, with no tree removal.59dc18f06d41a_Meadowvale2017-10-0920-33-58.thumb.png.b082d56010ee557cee40c89e7213499b.png*New* 84 - Sinclaire Coteau - Easy, 1,300 guests by the end of year four.59dc18fdd342c_SinclaireCoteau2017-10-0920-35-51.thumb.png.dcbf19a2bb16e3cad4d8313e74c9f376.png*New* 85 - Hathaway Hollow - Medium, 1,200 guests by the end of year four with limited space.59dc18f599152_HathowayHollow2017-10-0920-36-21.thumb.png.f929df4e35c01b56f1b093f4656e7452.png*New* 86 - Oxbrow Lake Park - Medium, 360,000 park value by the end of year 3.59dc18e5e9678_OxbrowLakePark2017-10-0920-38-42.thumb.png.cef67a3c631e52eda97dc306533c6de7.png*New* 87 - Velderaven Cascades - Hard, finish building 5 coasters with an excitement rating of at least 7.50.59dc18e2af112_VelderavenCascades2017-10-0920-39-14.thumb.png.d19dd2f19784bbc76ae8142c16bec3a7.png
    *New* 88 - Hydro Hummock - Medium, 9,000 in ride tickets at any time.59df14d58b1c5_HydroHummock2017-10-0922-21-26.thumb.png.ce5f2acc06f73bde1be1e6818968027f.png*New* 89 - Crumbly Creek - Hard, repay loan and achieve a park value of 333,000 on a rotting amusement park.59dc18df96c8d_CrumblyCreek2017-10-0920-39-56.thumb.png.291b3365cd8bc9f629dd623b1d6ddd8a.png*New* 90 - Hushberry Harbour - Medium, 1,400 guests by the end of year 4.59df14c96b238_HushberryHarbour2017-10-1202-02-35.thumb.png.e12ea92f62936ade985fd63b350b7836.png

    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this topic, do not be afraid to ask! I do hope you enjoy these cunningly crafted scenarios! As always, there's many more to come, so stay tuned!


    P.S: If you have scenario ideas for me, let me know!


    Very nice! Some of my favourites are the deserts and the "lunar" style scenarios. But, of course, I'm not going to limit myself to just those certain ones. :) 

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  9. 14 hours ago, Deurklink said:

    How you play RCT2 is up to you.. The peeps are not programmed to experience a whiplash at too high negative G's, for example.:P They'll even probably say the ride was great if the intensity rating is within bounds.  Anyway, i think most people here like more realistic designs. So no stacked helices, endless strings of inversions, repetitive designs etc. Myself, i never really use saved designs, and prefer custom designing my rides, except when I'doing a scenario i want to beat quickly where I'll plant down some cheap ones with good ratings.

    Right, everyone plays however they want, but, still, and I get your point. Expecting peeps to ride at such excess G's is "ultra-extreme". :P 

    11 hours ago, jensj12 said:

    If a train fails to make it around the track, lower the hill instead of adding chainlifts. I love that tried to build a coaster with unusual dimensions, which I also often do myself, but it shouldn't be an excuse to have excessive G's. Placing the station a bit higher sometimes helps a lot. Surpassing the supports height limit usually means it's not realistic to build higher.

    I would've lowered the hills, but, I wanted to try and stick with the concept, and with adding all the chain lifts, and thinking from the perspective of a peep, I would've gotten slightly bored with it since the train would've kept slowing.

    Why didn't I realise this stuff sooner? I'll never know. :P 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, SpiffyJack said:

    Ok then... 1 thru 5. you asked so now you get.

    #1. Absolutely terrible! I say that for the stand point that the design is a suicide ride! sure it looks cool, but it will fail on an epic scale. There is no way the stats you showed are close to truth.

    #2.  not too bad, needs a little finesse.

    #3. Again, it looks cool, but it fails in the terms of G's... and that's a visual rating.

    #4. The design is cool! but i notice many brake stops etc to 'calm' the ride down... don't do that... too many break downs will follow.

    #5. Is actually the closest to being legit. BUT tone down the helix at the left side of pic.

    If I may suggest, Think about it like this: YOU ARE A PEEP!. Would YOU ride your design? Do you wanna die?, do you wanna get excited?, do you wanna Throw up?, or do you wanna have fun?.... that's what the peeps are thinking and you should too.

    What you did does not suck, but I would think twice before riding myself :D 




    Well, if I was a peep and I looked at my rides, it really does depend. 

    #1 - I would only ride it if I have gone beyond completely insane and I didn't rethink about it. I'll admit it, I only thought crazy and not in the mind of a peep (bad idea! o.O) Also, it does kind of look like something just thrown down.

    #2 - Some extra touches could be useful, I agree.

    #3 - Besides just look, I thought I would try something different, but, that didn't seem to fully work in this case, but, I have other ideas (obviously not as crazy as this one).

    #4 - The hills were a bit of struggle, the trains would stop at the hills and go back, so, that's why I placed the chain lifts down.

    #5 - I may redo the part with the helix. Ideas are popping up for that part.

    Obviously, I thought more crazy and insane than in a mind of a peep overall. That's something I have to take into consideration.

    Still, thanks for the review and criticism. I have some calmer ones as well, but, instead, I went with these insanity's instead. O.o 

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  11. Hi, everyone!

    I've seen some very interesting track designs from various members in the forums and I figured I would throw in 5 of my favourites that I built.

    NOTE: You will need to turn on the "disable support limit" cheat for them.

    In the .zip file are the actual track designs and screenshots of them.

    Sadly, most of them don't have scenery because I'm not too clever when it comes to scenery. :P

    No DLC tracks, only the basic ones.

    Pack 01.zip


    Inverted Curse.png

    Line O' Flames.png

    Neon Knot.png

    Experiment A.png

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  12. 3 hours ago, Broxzier said:

    Did you originally build this ride with clearance checks disabled? It looks like the end points would collide. You cna probably still build the ride if you have clearance checks disabled when placing it.

    What's weird is when I first built the ride, I didn't have clearance checks disabled, it was only after saving it to file and re-building it when this started happening. But, disabling it did fix it. Thank you for the help!

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  13. Hi,

    I have a bit of an issue trying to build a roller coaster that I built with abstract art covering it. When I try to build it with the scenery, there is no ride and the ride detail window doesn't show the name and train type of it. I attempted to try and modify the ride and the construction window that popped up was one when a dinghy water ride is being constructed. I thought of the fact that maybe I have hit the object/scenery limit, but I had no problem saving it.

    Build: 25b7226 | Version 0.1.2 x64 [Develop]

    Cannot build.png

    No scenery.png



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  14. 23 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

    Those are not the ones from the current title sequence. They might be leftovers from an earlier version, or you've added them yourself somehow.

    The parks from the title sequence are stored together with the sequence script in this folder: Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\data\title. You'll see that there are multiple files. The default one for OpenRCT2 is called openrct2.parkseq. This is just a zipped archieve with a custom extension.


    Oh, I see now. BTW, they were already there when I first looked, so, they maybe leftovers.

  15. 6 hours ago, RedScope53 said:

    No, all good.

    Theres some things I miss about Oldtube. However, I use Enhancer for Youtube, so mine is completely customized anyways.

    Ok, good to know, thanks. Now, you mention you have an enhancer for YouTube. Is that a Chrome extension or something else? I have an extension that's a YouTube enhancer.

  16. 5 hours ago, imlegos said:

    Are you by chance using cheats to make guests pay both entry and for rides?


    Also, the ammount of money you can make guests pay for a ride decreases as time goes on until 25 years old where it's reset to a slightly lower value

    I use the cheat where I give guests $1 000 so that they don't run out of cash, as well as the cheat where the rides don't decrease in value over time.

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