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  1. Hello. I came past this sitting area with lanes of road that don't connect together. how do i make it ? the photo is from the six flags Belgium scenario. Thanks in advance!
  2. i now made a bridge across the lake it seems to fix it but it doesnt look that good. until there is another fix i wil keep it that way
  3. Thanks for the response, i will try that there are also a lot of people that are just walking in that patern what about them? edit: its not possible to make a tunnel under the lake its to low
  4. Hello i have made a park with build your own six flags and now the people keep walking to the shop and to the corner of the square (seen in the middle of the screenshot). some of them want to buy something from the shops, but the most want to go to a ride. but they keep walking the patern route over and over again. in the path to the rides i have placed some no access signs but not in a way that they are blocking routes to rides from that point or in any other way that could confuse pathfinding even if i close the shops they keep walking like that and if i remove the road t
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