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  1. I just tried to run a stable version and it has the SAME EXACT PROBLEM! My pc is probably broken.
  2. Well, this sucks. (the park) let's just say this park was a experiment for me with the scenario editor. (i may make updates of this park in the future)
  3. Some of them aren't though. (and some are)
  4. It's not meant to be a realistic park. (like you said) It's kinda meant to be like a rct1 scenario. (most are really unrealistic) I will add more trees though.
  5. I made my first custom scenario. It is a mountain-like terrain with a flat surface in the middle. All of the park is owned, except the entrance path. It also has a tunnel leading guests into the flat surface so you don't have to build one. I may set it up for download later on.
  6. With "It's dumb" i meant it's dumb that you can use online with the unstable versions because everyone on this community uses those versions for online. It feels like they are trying to leave me behind.
  7. Yes, that's EXACTLY my problem! it seems everybody uses unstable builds of 0.05-develop.
  8. None of these are working, but thanks for trying to help. I guess i have to play single forever now.
  9. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it's STILL not working! HELP ME! ;(
  10. I came to this topic because i like RCT1 and 2 (and 3 a bit) and i like this project. I am really interested into seeing more of it.
  11. Hello. I started playing openrct2 again and everything was fine. i could join servers, play with a bunch of people and have a great time. ...until this occoured! So i tried to download the latest version, and even waited 2 days. I did not understand anything of this, until i went to the console box and this. So yeah, this is something, i guess. can any of you help with my problem? I don't know what this means and i would like to play online again.
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