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  1. Could be it this one? This was the first shoestring coaster I posted (and I've only posted two). It's a bit of an unusual example because I made the splitting and recombining part of the ride, instead of hiding it underground as you would normally do. It's probably the most unrealistic ride I've ever made. If the train is all in one piece it's not a shoestring, just a merge. You split the train, but usually you only have one part of the train visible - you'd hide the other, and use the second track to place track pieces that can't be placed on the main track, like the diagonal station and brake run in the Silberpfiel above.
  2. If disabling clearance checks is not allowed, you're going to have a difficult time setting up the shoestring. The usual way to do it is with a track merge, which requires ZC. In principle, you could do it without - but it would be a lot of work, and the end result would be identical to using ZC and then deleting the merge after the fact.
  3. This seems like a strange rule for a contest involving shoestring coasters, unless you mean only that the visible track should be built above ground. Placing the other track underground is the easiest way to hide it - you could use cheats to hide the track, but to make a ride vehicle invisible with hacks is much more difficult (but still possible, I guess). You could also use scenery to hide the track, but doing this well would also be challenging (unless, of course making it challenging was your intention). Was it this one?
  4. They may not be, but if that is the case then there will always be a way to convert the old files to whatever new format is introduced. The developers have stated that there will always be the option to use original assets, and to load vanilla saves. Renaming a file should not corrupt it. If it does, that's an issue with your filesystem rather than OpenRCT2. It might cause OpenRCT2 not to recognize it as an object file - but I really don't know why you want a different extension in the first place. No, I'm talking about things that can't be done at all. Like right now, you can't have custom track styles, because those graphics reside in g1.dat and not in object files. But if we had a new object format, we could eliminate those restrictions, and allow many more possibilities. I have heard @Gymnasiast talk about putting terrain sprites in object files for example, so that we could have custom ground textures. This is something that cannot be done at the moment, and could not be implemented without introducing a new object file format. Yes. The OpenRCT2 developers have repeatedly stated that if/when a new file format is introduced, there will always be a way to import vanilla files.
  5. RCT2 object files always have the .DAT extension so why is this a problem? Also, you can rename the file at any point, if you really want it to have a different extension. You'll be able to do that, I'm sure. But I'm hoping that there will also have a new object format that would allow us to make custom objects that can't be done in vanilla. If that were the case, you'd miss out on the new functionality if you made an object for vanilla and then imported it. Bear in mind that basically nothing has been decided about the new file format, other than the fact that you will always be able to import parks from vanilla, and the object limits will be removed. The developers haven't said much about the details and no work on this has been done, so it's impossible to say exactly what will and won't be supported.
  6. That's because nobody uses it. It exists, but it's just the desktop version compiled for Android - it still has the same UI which is very hard to use without a mouse. I'm not aware of anyone actually playing it - all I've seen of it is from the developers who ported it. Also, why do you split your replies into three consecutive posts?
  7. OpenRCT2 sometimes crashes my computer too, but even after several occurrences I have no idea why, nor can I reliably reproduce it. Usually it happens if the game has been left idling on another tab for a while.
  8. Because he might be away from his desktop? Not really true - OpenRCT2 does work on mobile, it's just that nobody plays it on mobile because it's very hard to use without a mouse. The mobile port of vanilla RCT2 (RCTC) is very popular though (it has a redesigned interface that's better for touchscreens). Why not just make one now? It only takes 5 minutes. Having all the bug reports in one place makes them easier to keep track of.
  9. OP should export the park - that way the user doesn't have to manually install the objects.
  10. How would that be any better than the existing cut away view?
  11. Well, I just tested it, and I do see them (this is on the latest develop binary build, not my fork with all the extra track pieces). It was merged some time ago so it should be in stable as well - is your game up to date? To be clear, I am referring to track sprites - the cars still lack appropriate sprites for inversions, and probably will do until such time as we have replacement graphics. That's why they're not shown in the ride construction window. But it doesn't make sense not to add them in at all for that reason, since people will merge them in anyway, and people who don't hack will never see the extra pieces.
  12. As far as I'm aware, you can't. OpenRCT2 doesn't save cheats when you exit, so you'll need to enable them each time you start the game.
  13. In the top right corner of the object selection there's a button marked "filter". If you click it, you'll get a dropdown menu - ensure that "Custom" is checked. If it isn't, custom objects won't appear in the object selection window. If the object is showing as selected in the object selection but still doesn't appear in the scenery window, check the inventions list. If you already have a lot of custom items selected and they're all in the miscellaneous tab, it may be that you've hit the limit on how many objects can be displayed in one tab (I'm not sure what that is, but I'm pretty sure there is one).
  14. In OpenRCT2 it does. So there's no need for a track merge here - just change the ride type to twister, build the corkscrew, then change it back. (It'd be nice if we had a "show all track pieces" cheat to avoid the need to do this, but we don't). This is quicker, doesn't consume an extra ride slot, and doesn't interfere with the block system. But, if you want to know how to do a track merge anyway (as it is often necessary), you first build the two tracks you want to join. Then, you select the piece behind the joint, and build forward with the same track piece as the next section of track, so that the two track pieces overlap. I have a video of this process here. You will need to do something a bit different if you want block sections - see here for details.
  15. I don't think this could ever work (it is certainly not possible unless we get a new object format). The developers want to keep the ability to use vanilla assets, so even if we introduced replacement sprites I doubt they would want to add extra view angles, as the vanilla graphics don't have the sprites for them. I'm not sure what this means. It sounds similar to the cut away view?
  16. I decided to muck around with my track renderer a bit: It's a bit of a mess, because I just took the RMC track and swapped the model without adjusting any of the other parameters. I have not yet found out where you can adjust the elevation of the track above the station platform, which would be needed to do this properly. Nonetheless, it's an interesting experiment.
  17. This cannot be done without a new save format. Loading saved tracks is not supported in multiplayer, so there's not much point having a moderation setting for it.
  18. That's not quite how it works - a park is either paid admission or paid rides. If it's paid admission, you can't charge for rides, even if the entrance price is set to "free". If you want to make the park into a pay-per-ride park, type "set pay_for_rides 1" into the console. If you want to charge for both admission and rides, you can use the "Unlock all prices" cheat from park tab of the cheat window. It's not a bug, it's expected behaviour. The status of cheats is not saved in the save file, because the SV6 format has no support for saving cheats because vanilla doesn't have any cheats. The cause of this confusion seems to be that OpenRCT2 enables "unlock all prices" automatically upon loading an SV4 file, so people don't realize the cheat is turned on and/or that it isn't part of the save file. But if you save that park as SV6 and reload it, the game has no way to tell that it was originally an RCT1 park, so you must enable the cheat manually if it isn't already on. If you do not intend to charge an entrance fee, it would be better to switch the park to a pay-per-ride park because then you don't need to have the cheat turned on.
  19. Uh... what's the point of this post? Are you asking how to use it or just telling everyone that it exists?
  20. Good catch, I never noticed that.
  21. I have never had problems with track merging. It is a hack but it's a very reliable one. In any case, there are only two ways a tool like this could work - either to do the track merge for you, or alternatively to make the selected track piece invisible and zero clearance the desired track piece over the top. Any problems caused by these hacks would also be caused by this tool. So would your idea. You can only have one track type per ride; it's impossible to have multiple on a single ride. There are several side effects from a cheat like this that I don't think you've thought through. Let's suppose I paint a track piece with another track type. A new ride would then have to be created and this ride can't be distinguished in any way from one the player placed. If I go to paint another track piece, it doesn't know a ride was already created. There are two options: you could scan the ride list for an existing ride of that track type. This would create a minimum of extra rides, but it has side effects - if that ride is demolished, then the player would inadvertantly demolish all the merged track pieces that they may not realize belonged to that ride. So you would probably have to create a new ride for every track piece you paint, which will fill up your available ride slots very quickly. Also, what happens if you paint a track piece with one track type and then again with another? If you've created a seperate ride for every track piece, you could safely implement this by changing the track type of that ride. But if the park also contains a merge done manually, that's going to have the side effect of changing every other track piece that used that ride. You would end up having to scan the entire map to check that a ride is not used elsewhere first. You cannot use the mouse to select an invisible element. You would have to enable height marks on ride tracks and click on the mark.
  22. Easiest way to get them is to download the Xtreme97 workbench from here, but it includes a bunch of other scenery objects as well. The alternative is to download objects individually from here, but it's a bit of a pain to search. I am aware of another catwalk object besides the one in that workbench, but I've found it to be quite glitchy. Another popular choice is to use 4th dimension or wooden coaster track as a catwalk - for which you don't need any CS. It's technically possible to do this. However, it would consume a lot of scenery slots, and they are already quite scarce to start off with (especially for large scenery). This tends to be a bigger concern for people than cluttering the rides list, so I am doubtful that anyone has made a comprehensive set. What you can do is prefix the names of rides which are not intended to operate with the letter "z", since this causes them to be sorted at the bottom of the ride list below all the actual rides. A quick browse through the NE database reveals that someone has made the train tracks into scenery items. I'm not aware of this having been done for any other tracks - you could but unless you're not using much other custom scenery I wouldn't advise it.
  23. My rides should work fine in OpenRCT2. In fact, they were developed and tested with OpenRCT2 so I'd be more concerned about whether they work with vanilla (they should do, though). There's no reason this can't be done. But this means creating new sprites, and creating sprites that look good and go well with the existing ones is very difficult. I did this for the Intamin track, but the result just looked terrible (see picture). Upon closer inspection of the sprites, the lighting makes no sense and I've given up on any further attempt. Impossible without a new save format. Also, even when we do have a new save format, this requires more than just track sprites - any rides that are to have the new elements would also need additional sprites (unless the new elements are just resized versions of existing ones). In practice, this means that the new elements wouldn't be available on default coasters, at least until we also have a replacement graphics set that can be extended more easily. These already exist.
  24. It's been said many times before when this question has been asked: the original RCT1 path system isn't supported by the SV6 file format. When a new file format is implemented (which probably won't be any time soon), then all the RCT1 features can be added back in (my understanding is that that is planned). But at this point it's not possible. You can already do this. This isn't an OpenRCT2 feature; it was present in vanilla and always has been.
  25. The machine you forward the port to is the one that's running the server (nothing needs to be done on the client side). Check that port forwarding is turned on for port 11753 and that the IP address entered is the correct local IP for the machine that's running the server. You can run "ifconfig" (or "ipconfig" on Windows) to find out your local IP address.
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