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  1. Yes, it's accessible from the cheat menu. It allows you to edit the map size, land ownership, and other things.
  2. Nice. I'd increase the spacing between the zero cars a bit, so they're not all bunched up together like a conveyor belt.
  3. @YoloSweggLord Diagonal vertical sprites exist but not sprites for the diagonal steep-to-vertical transition.
  4. I wouldn't be that specific. However the launch is powered, the animation for all of them would be the same, so they don't need to be different track pieces, in the same way as the current booster piece does not distinguish between LIM and LSM types - this is implied by the ride you're building. If a cable launch piece were implemented, I'd put it on the Intamin as a hydraulic launch, the Schwarzkopf as a flywheel launch, and the S&S as a pneumatic launch.
  5. Pieces I'd like that would not require new vehicle sprites: Diagonal brakes Diagonal stations Sloped brakes Diagonal large steep-to-flat Large radius sloped turns (and a banked version thereof) More gradual bank transitions Extra-large radius curves A barrel roll piece that starts from banked track A medium size loop Large corkscrews A cable launch piece (similar to the existing cable lift) Pieces I'd like that do require new vehicle sprites: Diagonal vertical pieces (and diagonal vertical turns) A new slope piece somewhere between steep and gentle (and corresponding curved and banked pieces) A steeper bank angle (and all the pieces to go with it). This should be somewhere around 80 degrees - not 90 like RCT3. Diagonal inversions (loops, half loops, quarter loops, corkscrews, and barrel rolls) A half zero-g roll piece This probably amounts to more pieces than the game currently has, to be honest. But I think all of them are potentially useful.
  6. Specific vehicles can disallow certain track pieces that would otherwise be available. This is most prominently used on the hyper and hyper-twister coasters, which do not allow inversions despite the fact that the track they run on does have those pieces. Using this cheat, you can overrides this restriction and build inversions on a hypercoaster. But the track pieces were always there, the vanilla game just doesn't let you build them when you are using that vehicle type. However, in vanilla RCT2, the junior coaster does not have steep slopes. They are not merely hidden, they are not there, and the game crashes if you try to use them. These pieces have been added in OpenRCT2. You enable them with the same cheat, but whereas inversions on a hypercoaster will work in vanilla, steep slopes on a junior coaster will crash. This is only relevant if you want your park to work in vanilla - in which case you should use a track merge instead. If you only need your park to work in OpenRCT2 you don't have to worry about which features are present in vanilla and which aren't. The junior coaster has and has always had the same pieces no matter what train you use, I was referring to the hypercoaster and a couple of other rides.
  7. Those trains can sort of be done. You could create an object file that contains the necessary vehicles, you can't set the default train makeup to look like that - the default settings are too limited. But defaults are just defaults, so you could then hack the save file to rearrange the vehicles, as there's no restriction there @Spacek recently posted a tutorial on how to do that over at NE. The fact that the train is so much longer than the loading platform may or may not cause problems, but if it does, you could work around it with a shoestring. You will, however, struggle to build a decent cuban eight in game. Your version is about the best you'll get, but it's still not ideal and a bit too large IMO. I think this is actually the biggest problem you'd run into.
  8. OK, that's good to know (I haven't really used this cheat much). If the hyper-twister is affected then the hyper and corkscrew coasters should also be affected - the corkscrew coaster will get steep-to-flat (which it should have had anyway IMO), and the hypercoaster will get inversions. But it's worth pointing out that these track pieces were all present in vanilla - they are just not used by the specific vehicle type. The steep slopes on the junior coaster and inversions on the dive coaster are OpenRCT2 specific, and don't work in vanilla.
  9. It used to be. I don't know why it was changed. Not that I know of. As far as I can tell it's just the junior coaster. The vertical drop coaster should be affected (there are quite a few inversion pieces that are supported but disabled by default), but upon testing, it doesn't seem to work. You'll have to rely on arbitrary ride types to access those pieces.
  10. You can fork the game and make whatever changes you like - for example, I have a fork that adds a new track type to the game. If you want your changes included in develop, you can submit a pull request. I would recommend the launcher. Updates are very frequent so manually downloading the binary would be tedious. Nothing wrong with doing that though. OpenTTD is a similar but more mature project, so you can look there to see what might be possible. OpenRCT2 will always be compatible with parks made for vanilla RCT2 and there will always be the option to use vanilla assets.
  11. The grey ties are part of the track sprites. However, they're currently much narrower than the supports they're supposed to connect with, and they don't line up with the bents (and can't easily be made to). One option is to integrate part of the support structure into the track sprite, but I don't know if that would look much better. Making custom support sprites, is technically possible, but I don't want to have to do that. It's a real difficulty with the IBox track that the Intamin doesn't have.
  12. I suppose this layout might work better as a traditional wooden coaster than an RMC, but I set out to make an RMC so I ended up with this. I still think it's better than my previous attempts.
  13. IIRC it was suggested in the original announcement that there be a CSO and an NCSO pack. I wouldn't say ongoing. Someone started one, did one ride, and hasn't done anything since. Nobody is actively working on it, as far as I'm aware. I think there are a number of things currently considered cheats that ought not to be. There are some track pieces that currently can't be built without cheats that should be available by default (though not pieces that the current ride type explicitly suppresses, like inversions on a hyper), and entrance rotation could go in the ride construction window rather than in the tile inspector as it is now. But I have no idea if there are any plans to change this. Personally, I wouldn't design a scenario that requires a player to use these features in order to complete it, as some people won't want to use anything that's considered a cheat when playing a scenario. But it's actually quite difficult to engineer a situation in which a scenario can't be completed without using those features, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Scenario unlocking is an optional feature, it's up to the player to decide whether they want to enable it. I don't see anything wrong with using trackitecture, but if your intention is that it eventually be replaced by an object, I would just make that object. Modifying game speed doesn't make the game any easier - all it does is save time. I would say that if your scenario is only difficult because most people would get bored and give up before the goal is reached, it's not a good scenario. I don't see why you'd need to wait. If a new save format is introduced, there will be a way to convert old save games to it.
  14. I tried rerendering this with specular enabled. I think it looks a bit better this way:
  15. Yeah, generally you do, but you can then switch it back again after you've built it - you don't have to merge the two ride types together. The latest version has a cheat that removes some of the track piece restrictions - I would test if it allows you to build those pieces, but I'm currently using an old version that doesn't have that cheat.
  16. The twister track has all of those in OpenRCT2. In vanilla, it does not, so you used to have to merge.
  17. So today I decided to build an Intamin mega coaster. I used LSM trains, even though this ride shouldn't run them, because I didn't have the right train and I didn't want to make a new one just for this. I could have used wing coaster trains, but I don't like them. Also I couldn't find a steep catwalk object that doesn't glitch horribly, so I gave up on the catwalk. But other than that, I quite like how it turned out.
  18. In OpenRCT2 the twister track has every element that the vertical drop coaster has and vice-versa. You should never need to merge a twister track with vertical drop track unless you want compatibility with vanilla. These are all the same ride type.
  19. They generally don't. There's a few edge cases where they would, but there are ways around that too. There's a flag that has to be set on the vehicle to make that happen. I don't know if you can override the value with a cheat or whether you would need a custom train.
  20. I doubt the vehicle physics have been changed. When I ported the RCT1 junior trains to RCT2, I found the physics to be an exact match - as in the train would be going exactly the same speed at different points on the track. There's still room for some error, since speeds are stored internally to a higher degree of precision than they are displayed - but I would be surprised if it was enough to make a ride stall that didn't before. I think the difference is probably because you're running RCT2 trains on a ride designed to run RCT1 trains, and the mass values are probably different. But you can override that with the console.
  21. I put 5 different car types on one train. One of which has a wider track gauge and would not be able to run on the same track as the others. I can't think of any coaster IRL that does that - there's a few that have both a stand up and sit down train, but I can't think of one with different vehicle types in the same train.
  22. @saxman1089 A download link was posted in the original thread.
  23. A few of mine (I've posted almost all of these before)
  24. It's not ideal but not a big problem either - much better than not using block brakes. If this is happening when the ride is running empty, it probably won't when the ride is running with riders (because it waits in the station longer). If you want to prevent the train waiting at the top of the lift, you can set a minimum wait time.
  25. Installing expansion packs will only fix the problem if it's expansion objects that are missing. I imagine most people asking this question will not know where the objects are from (you can search this on NE though).
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