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  1. Fix by @Broxzier is on it's way: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/9927
  2. You can use the build-in cheat mode to forcefully finish the park goal.
  3. As a work-around you can download the ZIP archive of the RCT2 demo. It's the full game which can be used with OpenRCT2. Archive.org mirror of RCT2 demo
  4. Where did you get the RCT2 files from? And could you take a screenshot of the contents of that folder?
  5. Mentioning @LRFLEW as he maintains the launcher.
  6. There have been numerous false-positives. If you're in doubt about it you can test a file via https://virustotal.com
  7. I'm not completely sure about this. But it's probably dependent on the following project/roadmap: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/projects/6
  8. The release of v0.2.3 was kind of bugged on the project's side. This also affected the most recent development build. I expect it'll be fixed once a new develop build is pushed.
  9. It looks like you're missing the original game files.
  10. The forums have been migrated to a new server. If you happen to come across any problems that might be related to this migration, then please let me know.
  11. Everything has been fixed! Develop builds are available again. Currently there's no develop Linux build as there is a problem with the project itself. Will be fixed soon.
  12. Launcher users: Release downloads have been fixed. Develop builds are still being worked on.
  13. Starting last tuesday Google identified multiple OpenRCT2 downloads as potentially serving a virus. This was a false-positive, however, they did blacklist both the download mirror and website as dangerous websites. This mostly affects Chrome and Firefox users. In an attempt to fasten up the appeal process I've made numerous changes to the API (which is used by the launcher) and the website itself. Mostly in the way downloads are offered. This most likely helped as the website is considered safe again, which is great. However, some parts still need some work. This means that the launcher still has problems updating both releases and develop builds. On top of that the website itself currently only offers official releases. I'm expecting to finish up work fixing all issues either this friday or saturday. My apologies for the inconvenience!
  14. This, and other problems, regarding the website and/or launcher will be fixed tomorrow (friday).
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