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  1. Everything has been fixed! Develop builds are available again. Currently there's no develop Linux build as there is a problem with the project itself. Will be fixed soon.
  2. Launcher users: Release downloads have been fixed. Develop builds are still being worked on.
  3. Starting last tuesday Google identified multiple OpenRCT2 downloads as potentially serving a virus. This was a false-positive, however, they did blacklist both the download mirror and website as dangerous websites. This mostly affects Chrome and Firefox users. In an attempt to fasten up the appeal process I've made numerous changes to the API (which is used by the launcher) and the website itself. Mostly in the way downloads are offered. This most likely helped as the website is considered safe again, which is great. However, some parts still need some work. This means that the launcher still has problems updating both releases and develop builds. On top of that the website itself currently only offers official releases. I'm expecting to finish up work fixing all issues either this friday or saturday. My apologies for the inconvenience!
  4. This, and other problems, regarding the website and/or launcher will be fixed tomorrow (friday).
  5. This, and other problems, regarding the website and/or launcher will be fixed tomorrow (friday).
  6. Unfortunately this happens regularly, and are regarded as false-positives. It's good practice to re-check files using VirusTotal.com: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/9b79f965f5cf50cf6ffbc42e01f93891afafa382403cc2ce14f2b58d6dafb0b4/detection I'm not sure if code signing, which we had in the past, helps preventing false-positives. But it is something that should be considered again.
  7. I've ran several builds through Virustotal.com which shows that it is probably just a false-positive which happens from time to time. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/cc112e952db0d1fc0a87d04b2517355928fba428512138923f0b4f7c6c4983d6/detection The creator of the launcher might be able to help you with this. (tagging @LRFLEW)
  8. Due to technical issues some users were unable to post on the forums the past day. This has been resolved.
  9. Jarno


    Enjoy the nostalgia trip!
  10. In your previous topic you stated that you've found the directory. Is this still a problem?
  11. That's unfortunate. Maybe you can signup for a server that's passworded or uses whitelisting. Those are, usually, the more serious servers.
  12. About a week ago I launched the new https://openrct2.org website which should make it easier to add new features in the future (such as uploading parks and custom objects). There are some minor issues which will be resolved soon. Feedback is very much welcome.
  13. New forum registrations were denied due to server software updates. This is resolved now.
  14. As @jensj12 says: you can send a PM to me with thenew nickname you would like to have.
  15. I've updated the forum software to the latest version. No major changes are included. However, the theme has been updated as well. The theme still needs some tweaking to make it look like before the update.
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