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  3. Yep, I get the same problem no matter what after updating to launcher 0.0.7. It even happens when I downgrade back to launcher 0.0.6. I can, however, launch the game without the launcher by downloading directly from https://openrct2.org/downloads/releases/latest. Looks like the issue is only with the launcher, not the game.
  4. Oh, come on, this has been asked a million times. In fact, the last was Tuesday, and if you had taken a short look at the "Problems, Bugs and Feedback" subforum you would have seen that (it's near the top). Anyway, here is your answer: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/FAQ-&-Common-Issues#why-does-my-virus-scanner-not-trust-openrct2
  5. I tried downloading Openrct2 32-bit version (which i didn't intend to at first) Directly after the installer had finished downloading it warned that the downloaded file(s) contained the Occamy.C trojan. Is this something to worry about because said trojan has had a history of corrupting files and demanding cash to recover them. I haven't downloaded the intended 64-bit version yet because of me being sceptical about the safety of openrct2. The win defender popup warning showed up immediately after the files were finished and prevented me from attempting to install the openrct2 files, i've scanned my computer twice aswell with win defender and found another instance of Occamy.C in the google download cache which in turn were removed.
  6. I can't seem to make flat rides transparent while they're running (a behaviour also present in the original games). Only when they're closed and at a complete standstill, i.e. showing no animations, can they be hidden using the 'See-through rides' toggle. This makes working around big flat rides like the Haunted House and Ferris Wheel quite difficult, at least without being forced to close them. My suggestion is to let flat rides be see-through even while they are operating.
  7. Name it the Vomit comet and make a video of the lucky guests leaving the exit.
  8. Last week
  9. I have been running OPENRCT2 for some time now and have created different folders for scenarios & tracks. I download new tracks and copy them into a TRACKS folder but the new rides do not show up in my game. How can I find out the file name that my program is using? This has been bugging me for a while. Thankx
  10. Hi I downloaded most of your open rct2 files and everytime when I open my parks from when I built them in regular rct2! In open rct2 the paths and scenery doesnt show! What is wrong?
  11. Hello there, I try to update existant custom content (downloaded here : https://web.archive.org/web/20130630072048/http://www.rctmart.com/downloads/ilgmk/ilgmk-darkride.zip) However, i only know "RCT2 Object Editor" and this tool is... raw. Update pixel by pixel is not very friendly... When i see all stuff made by fan, i suppose that images are made on some advanced tools (like Photoshop or other), exported to bitmap, and imported in this famous tool "RCT2 Object editor". So, have you got a tuto or a list of tools to, for example, export existing sprite of custom object, modify them in any modern tools, and make a new object ? Thanks for your help !
  12. Originally there was a maximum of 2 guest spawn points. Recently in v0.2.1-1020 and v0.2.2-255, I noticed that I could place at least 8 guest spawn points. Then after I removed spawn points by shrinking the map, I was able to do this:
  13. I've been updating and polishing the park over the last month and want to share the new developments. Again, 4 big screens from all directions: Now, some details: I've added a Mayan theme to an existing twister coaster, which has been there since almost the beginning of the park but always without any real theming. I really enjoyed adapting to the given circumstances, as I didn't want to modify the existing coaster (except a slightly different color ). That new area also allowed to add a new coaster, and I decided to go with a rather moderate spiral coaster. Fits in perfectly I think. Screens: The next new coaster started from an idea to fill the existing free spaces, with the biggest one being a water section right next to the park entrance. Since I already added way to many new land/island areas, I really wanted that existing space to keep water dominated. A perfect opportunity to create something I wanted to do for a long time: A coaster situated completely underwater! Well, almost at least, since the relatievly low water level doesn't allow much Z movement, I ended up with a few sections where the coaster actually surfaces. Of course, a realistic underwater coaster doesn't actually get in contact with the water, but instead should allow some great underwater views through it's surrounding glass structures. The coaster is powered by 3 launches. Theming is complemented by some Sci-Fi elements; and I noticed you can give the underwater worlds in RCT a realistic touch by placing some fitting plants there. Screens: Another new creation which is clearly visible from the big screens is the 'skytower' I added as a theming for two twin dual launched reverse freefall coasters. These are interesting from a construction side of view: While mostly coming in the style of the classic reverse freefall-coaster, they are actually twister coasters being launched using a lift hill with highly increased speed. They get boosted up the tower and even higher than the surrounding structure. From there the two cars fall side by side about 160m to a lower level than they actually started from and rush back towards the station building. After a direction change and a block brake they reach the second launch, this time in a tunnel under water, and rush up the tower. On their way back they climb upwards in a central building, coming to a direction change while entering a quarter loop from where they head back to the station building. Using block brakes, each coaster can run with 3 cars. Screen: There have been some more additions (including new coasters) as you might see from the big screenshots. You are more than welcome to grab the save file and hop in and look around! Since some coaster can't handle breakdowns probably due to their setup (the dual launched twin coaster for example) I've renewed all attractions in the preview save file. However, if you plan to stick around for a while, make sure to globally disable breakdowns in the cheat menu. Since the forum does not allow the Save File to be attached at the moment, you can grab it from here as well: BotanyBreakersBySp0ngeb0b_v2.sv6
  14. You’ve been building your dream park of the century, setting up shops, depots, playgrounds and entertaining millions of tiny things that look vaguely like caffeinated humans, if humans were an arrangement of 16 pixels that is. You’ve mastered the birds-eye god mode and made a virtual fortune. And yet, you are all alone? Even the multiplayer mode is depressingly limited to the game itself. Time for a change! You’re not alone! Join Man Of Teal and share your passion with your fellow builders, well beyond the walls of OpenRCT2. Show off your creations, gang up, ask and learn, help newbs and advance the noble cause of being Roller Coaster Tycoon! #openrct2 #rollercoastertycoon2 #rct2 #rct #openrct2community Join today and play! Or come back and check all the new website features new faster game servers. ManOfTeal.COM
  15. Some sound effects in OpenRCT2 are noticeably more distorted when compared to the same sounds from the original games. For example, the game doesn't seem to handle rollercoaster sounds very well, including the high-pitched screams of the passengers. They sound a little distorted, like an old tape recording with static noise (popping and crackling). Simply moving the camera around, thereby changing the position of the coaster sounds via the stereo effect, is enough to trigger the popping and crackling. Also, the balloon pop is normally very distinctive and sharp, but in OpenRCT2 it sounds really soft, as if someone is tearing apart a loaf of bread. It's like I'm hearing a completely different sound effect. I've tested the game using my motherboard's onboard Realtek HD sound as well as my X-Fi Titanium HD sound card. Both produced the same results. I'm running Windows 10 1903, and OpenRCT2 version 0.2.3-4170255.
  16. This is fantastic. The mix of scale is on point. Ghibli is accurate. Any more captures? Would love to see how the top is accessible/how pathways run.
  17. Nevermind, found that this might be fixed in the following issues: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2567 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3952 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2991
  18. The Swedish Krona should be at a factor of 10 to the Euro and the Dollar to match the currency better. I found out just recently that other currencies had this feature so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to implement it. It always baffled me that it wasn't included in the base game as the Swedish Krona more or less always has been around 10 SEK for 1 EUR/USD.
  19. Hi there, greets from Portugal! Can you please give me some advice, please? I've start playing RCT again about 3 weeks from now, and this week I discovered OpenRCT2. After play 2 scenarios from RCT on ORCT I've got the same problem that CharlieP had: So, do you think it's better to play / it's more likely to win without cheats RCT without ORCT? Because I was trying ORCT just because some upgrades that they offer.
  20. Okay, I'll give that a go, then. This is not my workhorse machine, but rather a 'childhood fantasy come to life' retro gaming rig designed specifically to run XP. I am aware of the risks, and I don't have any personal or important data on it. I do appreciate your concern, however. Thank you both for your helpful and timely replies!
  21. Hello everyone, just found this forum. Just started playing RCT2 again. then seen a YouTube video and he talked about Open RCT2 and hear I am. hope to learn a lot, and maybe even help someone some day.
  22. Windows XP is becoming a more vulnerable system by the day. You should definitely consider upgrading to an OS that is being maintained.
  23. OpenRCT2 does not support windows XP anymore. You need to download version 0.0.3 for that to work.
  24. While I do have a computer that will run OpenRCT, my XP machine, ironically enough, has better specs, and I thought I'd give it a go. I recently downloaded the most recent 32 bit installer (not the launcher) and attempted to install and run OpenRCT on Windows XP SP2. After installation (which went just fine), I get a critical stop error when attempting to run the application, stating that OpenRCT is not a 32 bit program. Is there some trickery I can try to get this to run, or am I out of luck on this?
  25. I'm new here and wondering where do you download these files to??
  26. how can I do this if I bought the GOG version of RCT2?
  27. It is still in the works. Once the limits have been increased/removed, there will probably be announcements in many relevant communities.
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