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  3. Hello, i have the following Problem. (sorry my English is not the best Have somebody a idear what is Wrong with my installation? I use OpenSuse Leap 15.1 on a HP Compaq nx7300
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  5. We have deliberately left out stat generation during ride simulation, because we think it should still require some effort.
  6. I have been able to reproduce the issue. I have reported it here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/9472
  7. It was actually being worked on in May and early June, but it is a lot more complicated than the average user would expect.
  8. lot61

    Ride simulator ideas

    Roller coaster graphs would be helpful during ride simulation. I would monitor them during "real" testing of incomplete tracks, especially to obtain perfect block timing by testing in continuous circuit mode. Sand bag testing would be great, too. I'm quite an unethical park manager in using guests as sand bags in crash-proof testing and would love to clear my conscience.
  9. It is probably going to be fixed somewhere in the future. Since it's an open source project, I can not guarantee whether it will be done or when it will be done.
  10. Guys, I am sorry for posting on a old topic. New to the forums, new to OpenRCT2, I really tried to find any updated information on this, and I honestly could not. Is this going to be fixed or not at this point? Any updates? The game kinda felt empty to me tbh, I am use to seeing that I guess after all these years (pre-built rides) Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else.
  11. Thank you so much for helping me jensj12, I guess i'll just keep that ride permanently closed with a piece missing. You've been such a huge help
  12. Checked the save, and Flaming Fury indeed causes the issue. However, I have no clue why. I might fire up a debugger sometime, but you might have a better chance with one of the devs. For now, you can get the ride rating calculator working again by destroying Flaming Fury (or temporary removing one piece, but it will get stuck again).
  13. Welcome! #0: Indeed, most issues originate from RCT2. #1: The sandbox mode in the game is not yet complete sandbox mode. Go to the cheats menu (Ctrl+C) to give yourself insane amounts of money (or disable it all together) and set the park goal to 'Have fun!'. What is called 'sandbox mode' in-game only gives you rights to build outside the park, change peep spawns and build a new park entrance. Good suggestions though. #3-4: #4 was implemented in RCT1, but removed in RCT2. You can give it a shot by suggesting it on the official issue tracker: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues #5: I don't know of any zoom in the map window. You can zoom the entire game (including all UI elements) in the options. #6: The limits are there for technical reasons and removing them takes a lot of work, but some great people are working very hard to get these limits removed. There have been discussions in the past about the selection process, see https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2965 Thanks for the feedback, hope you'll have a great time with OpenRCT2.
  14. Hey folks. I saw somebody streaming OpenRCT2 (shoutouts to https://www.twitch.tv/m_d_c_t), and while I'd never played any RCT games myself, I had played a bunch of OpenTTD a while back, so I thought it looked like a good time and wanted to give it a try myself. I've been having a lot of fun, so I wanted to 1. thank everybody involved in the project, and 2. offer some thoughts/feedback, if anybody's interested in hearing them. - #0: For context, as I said, I've never played any RCT games, so I was coming in almost completely blind (except for what I'd seen on-stream), and I feel the "learning curve" was a little steep. These are almost entirely UI/QoL suggestions, and I suspect most of these "problems" originate with the original RCT games themselves. #1: At first glance, there was no "sandbox" mode, just the scenarios. Not my preferred style of play for this kind of game, but I figured I'd give the scenarios a try. Then I thought maybe there was a sandbox mode buried in the Scenario Editor somewhere, or at the very least you could use it to effectively build one. Eventually I noticed "OpenRCT2 allows for both scenario and sandbox play" on OpenRCT2's front page, got confused, did a little googling about it, and found out that there IS a sandbox mode, it's just hidden away in the Cheats window. I would've appreciated having some kind of sandbox mode (or even just a "no objectives" mode) more prominently available. Maybe in its own tab on the "Select scenario for new game" window, with the Scenario Editor's terrain generator? Or even just a checkbox to start a scenario without objectives or in sandbox mode. #2: Scenario selection oughtta be more up-front with conditions like "free admission, charge for rides" or "free rides, charge admission". (Displaying whether a scenario includes additional land or construction rights for sale might be nice, too.) #3: Attraction selection should tell you how many of that attraction you already own. Especially for rides since apparently owning more than one of the same ride reduces a hidden "value" stat, but those are big and relatively easy to keep track of and I'm mostly concerned with keeping my food/drink supply balanced. Currently, attractions will number themselves—Shop 1, Shop 2, etc.—which helps a lot, but you still have to click "Burger Bar" (or whatever) and select it to see which number you'd be placing, and that method only works if you don't name them. #4: Some of the descriptions for selecting a type of rollercoaster don't really do a very good job of differentiating them to people who aren't already familiar with them. I'd love if that screen could show some of the stats— maximum support height, some of the stats for different vehicle types, maximum train length, listing some of the types of "special" tracks available, and anything else relevant or specific to that type of rollercoaster. (Speaking of train length, the rules for allowed number/length of trains seem a little opaque and awkward. It feels like there ought to be some kind of tool or message available to help figure it out, but I'm not sure specifically what that might be or where it might go.) #5: In theory, the "Map" window could be extremely useful. In practice, I find it too small and zoomed-out on a modern monitor to do much with it. I'd love if it could have another level or two of zoom— honestly, this one feels so obvious that I wouldn't be surprised if there ARE more zoom levels and I just haven't found them. #6: I checked out the Scenario Editor in my initial hunt for a sandbox mode, and it ... didn't look great. I feel like the "Object Selection" checklist ought to be moved later in the editing process, and combined with the "Invention List" stage— three states, "immediately available", "researchable", "unavailable". (Also, the limit on available types of objects feels like exactly the kind of thing open source should be raising, but I figure you're probably already aware of and working on it.) - I'm not a programmer, or I might look into implementing these myself, but intuitively most of them feel fairly straightforward. Regardless, I've been having a great time so far! Thanks again for all the work you've put into this project and its community.
  15. Looks like you uploaded the file correctly, will look at it later this weekend. None of the rides will have its rating (re)calculated, so neither Flaming Fury will. This does not mean Flaming Fury is the problem.
  16. It seems that the starting coaster, Flaming Fury, is causing the problem. Although its stats are already calculated, it seems that it can't finish recalculating them. I tried by updating the chain lift speed to clear stats.
  17. Hey jensj12 I tried deleting a few rides to see if any of the rides would start calculating again to no avail. I tried attaching the save file (not sure if I did it the right way) if you could take a look at it? Thanks for helping me so much thus far Extreme Heights.sv6
  18. Find the save file in explorer, then drag it here when typing a new reply, or click 'choose files...'. Since all rides in the park have the problem, there is most likely a ride that blocks all further calculations. You can delete a few rides and check whether rides have their ratings calculated again. In that case you have deleted the faulty ride (then reload the save and delete only that ride).
  19. What would be a case of a hacked ride? I am playing as vanilla as possible meaning I only have the quality of life settings on from openrct2. The only "cheat" that I am partially utilizing would be the ability to test an incomplete track but I'm not sure if this is a problem
  20. How do I attach saved games? (Sorry I am fairly new and not a huge techy) This is happening with all my rides in this save file only and has been at this state for about 2 in game years now.
  21. If there’s a 'hacked ride' in the park that causes the ride rating calculator to get stuck, no other ride in the park will have its ratings calculated anymore. Look for rides that possibly have an infinite loop in them.
  22. After saving, some 4 station rides will be blank in the ride previewer. When trying to build them, nothing happens except an empty ride construction window opening and, if money is involved, an immediate build and delete transaction. From my testing, it seems that a faulty saved ride can be made by creating a 4 station ride in a way such that station 1 of the saved ride would be longer than 2 segments, though I don't know if it's the only way. Original RCT2 seems to have the same problem but simply raises an access violation upon selecting the faulty saved ride. I've attached a save file with the same coaster in 4 rotations, with one station being 3 segments long and the others 2 segments long. The one named "4station fail" produces a faulty track file. I've also attached the faulty and non-faulty track files. 4station_testing.sv6 4station fail.td6 4station pass.td6
  23. Can you attach a saved game in which this behavior occurs? I think those stats usually require the beginning of a second run through the course to appear. If you set your ride to wait for a full load, then it may take a while for the second run to occur because few guests will line up before stats are out.
  24. I have been playing a scenario and creating my own coasters (trying to play as vanillas as possible for now) and when I test them and open them the stats of the ride (Excitement, Intensity and Nausea ratings) won't show up and permanently stay as "not yet available". I have tried restarting the launcher to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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  26. Yeah, that's a known bug in the 0.2.2 release. It's fixed in develop, which we recommend anyway.
  27. If you expect us to do something about it, at least provide some actual information. What does it do? Do you have a screenshot or an affected save?
  28. Ferris wheel looks funky in multiplayer
  29. Broxzier

    Visual Bug

    Try disabling lighting effects. You first have to enable the day/night cycle to disable it, then disable the cycle again.
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