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  2. Hi, I'm relatively new to OpenRCT2 although I've placed RCT2 for as long as I can remember. Lately I've been messing around with custom parks and scenery that people have created but in wanting to create my own completely custom park I've run into the problem of wanting to create custom scenery that doesn't exist. Does anybody know what programs I should be using to do this? Are there online tutorials somewhere, I've searched YouTube but i can't seem to find any. Any and info helps!
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  4. that's a good question. i'm thinking that in longer queue lines like go karts it would just be a source of income from people waiting in line. a cooler (but surely more difficult) feature might be having souvenirs that are purchased slightly increase the peep's happiness momentarily similar to an entertainer or a queue line TV. another idea would be bathrooms connected to queue lines so peeps could relieve themselves while in a long line. this could make sure that peeps dont get upset bc they are hungry, thirsty, or need to use the restroom.
  5. There are no sprites for queues with junctions. I'm sure you could make some, but what would you want them for and how would you expect peeps to behave upon encountering one?
  6. First time I've heard of this idea. I like it and I don't see a reason why it can't be done, but I'm pretty sure it will be far from trivial to properly add to the peep behavior (and I've never seen a queue with a junction yet).
  7. Surely there's a reason this can't be done, but it would be cool if people in line could buy items from stalls
  8. Have you clicked the "Advanced" button? By default, some tabs are hidden. This includes "Small Scenery", which is quite likely to run out of slots, even if you did not select that much.
  9. Hello! I just updated to the newer version of OpenRCT2. Now that I did, it won't connect to the main server. (That's what is said). My sister (on a different network) has got the same issue. Anyone got a solution for this?
  10. The "Big Corkscrew Coaster" design is a custom-made design Marcel created for his corkscrew coaster ride overview video. I have also made a fixed version of that which will work with the new clearances.
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  12. I downloaded openrct2 on to my phone and I put the rct2 files on to my phone and when I open the app I get, "openrct2 needs files from the original rct2 to work. Please select the directory where you installed rct2." What do I do?
  13. ive managed to get it working now! however im having a new issue when in develop branch where all the base game content isnt rendering in my save game. but when i switch to release the objects reappear. for some reason only the custom content is loading
  14. IIRC, this is a known issue that happens when there's been an update but the binary build isn't available yet. You should still be able to play if you invoke OpenRCT2 directly, the launcher should work again when the new build is available.
  15. Hello! im having a bit of an issue with the launcher. i play the development branch but for some reason when i started the launcher the play button is greyed out and it isnt checking/downloading the latest update. i CAN switch to stable and it will download and i can then play but i def want to play on develop branch. any help is greatly appreciated
  16. Click+hold the top toolbar button, it's in the dropdown.
  17. I still cant find the object selection for some reason in the cheat menu.
  18. Gday, Just wondering if it's possible to place an entrance gate underground ? If so, the usual method doesn't seem to work.
  19. This is the result of a change made to the clearance boxes of the vertical loops. These prebuilts violate the new clearances, but you should be able to place the tracks with "Disable clearance checks" enabled. @Fred-104has made altered versions of these prebuilts which will work with the new clearances.
  20. Some existing tracks cannot be built in OpenRCT2: Octivator Big Corkscrew Coaster Atomizer Bumble Bee Deep Freeze These tracks seem to be fine when being built in the original game of RCT2. However, when playing OpenRCT2, there are no previews for the tracks, and the tracks cannot be built properly as well. I hope that the teams of OpenRCT2 could fix this problem.
  21. I know this thread is old, but just thought I'd reply for anyone who comes across the thread (like I did) For anyone who wants to try this, this is how I did it: 1. Cut (Important to Cut not copy) the OpenRCT folder from My Documents to the new location (In my case I relocated it to Googledrive for "cloud" backup and also allows me to play on multiple platforms continuing the saved game) 2. Open command prompt, run in admin mode but I dont think its required 3. type mklink /J “%UserProfile%\Documents\OpenRCT2” “DRIVE:\LOCATION HERE\OpenRCT2” Note: Replace DRIVE: with y
  22. Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS Edit: Currently upgrading to Ubuntu 20
  23. Yep, I get the same message, and I don't use custom scenery. It's frustrating, but I'd suspect it might go back to the original games (I don't know for sure though).
  24. Occasionally I will get a message when trying to select a theme group that say not all objects in group could load because there isn't enough room (I'm paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact wording). I know that we are only allowed so many groups, paths, walls, etc. I know there is a object limit. The problem is that I get the message sometimes when I DO have available space. I keep track and pay close attention to my object number so it is very frustrating to get this message when I know for a fact I have room to load every object in the theme group. Is this a bug? Is this an issu
  25. Which version of OpenRCT2? (Always specify this if you're running into problems.) Can you upload an affected save?
  26. I haven't saved these games locally. I always only connect to the online game.
  27. You will have to specify your Ubuntu version...
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