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  2. Hey. One thing I've noticed is that the Mini Suspended Coaster lacks a few of the real-life options that several of this type had in real life. Given that the Mini Suspended seems to be a relatively un-loved design for scenario usage due to the high nausea and higher cost than other "mini" coasters, I don't think either of these would unbalance the game for scenario play. Obviously if keeping original scenario limits in place is a must, it would make sense to have these as re-searchable pieces. First up is the Elevator Lift system. I don't believe that any coaster in the game has a vertical lift system like this, but I assume one could be bodged using a combination of vertical track pieces and the Giga coaster's cable lift system (which would mimic the "one train at a time" system in the example). This would make the Mini suspended coaster far more compact to construct in a tight park, possibly making it much more useful in some scenarios, but it would dramatically reduce the vehicle throughput similar to the cable lift hill on the Giga coaster, as well as being restricted to only a single elevator-lift directly from the station. Second is helixes. As the Mini Suspended is a swinging coaster much like the Suspended Swinging coaster, most real-life designs use a long downward-curving track to get the cars to swing, as opposed to the step-downs one is required to make in the current form. This would allow for more elegant, swooping descents, making the coaster less intense overall as fewer drops would be required to get the cars swinging. Finally, trim brakes. It's unthinkable that a modern coaster such as this does not have any means of braking outside of friction. Honestly this one's more of a QoL thing for me rather than a must-have unique feature. All three of these elements in a real-life mini-suspended design can be found in Legoland's now defunct "Spellbreaker" dueling coaster:
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  4. I didn't think my record was beatable, but you did it, nicely done! There is one issue though, and that is that in vanilla, the floorless and standup trains don't have access to the launched lift hill. This means that in vanilla the record would be 389 km/h, which is still faster than my old record.
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    New fastest coaster

    A while back, @LordMarcel96 posted a video of the fastest coaster possible without cheats. I've now found a faster coaster. Since steep drops can gain more speed than vertical drops of the same height, I figured that there could be some speed gains to be made if that extra speed isn't negated by the slight extra time spent on the drop. This is also how I created a perpetual motion coaster. OpenRCT2 allows twister trains of up to 8 cars but RCT2 only allows up to 7 cars, so I assume that's why Marcel used 7-car trains. Using 7-car twister trains, I was able to achieve 389 km/h, a 5 km/h improvement over the previous. Since stand-up trains are faster than twister trains, I was able to achieve 400 km/h with 7-car stand-up trains. Then I tried floorless trains, which can go up to 8 cars in both OpenRCT2 and RCT2, and achieved 405 km/h. This is the fastest train among inverting twister trains subject to RCT2 restrictions and is in the attached park. If we use the vehicle limits of OpenRCT2 instead, the fastest inverting twister train is the 8-car stand-up. A lucky group of guests achieved 420 km/h. Even faster coaster.sv6
  7. The release of v0.2.3 was kind of bugged on the project's side. This also affected the most recent development build. I expect it'll be fixed once a new develop build is pushed.
  8. here is a screenshot of just the main menu. I also dont seem to have an option to start a game of any kind. The scenarios are empty and there is no sandbox mode or similar option.
  9. I was just wondering if it would be possible if you could create a "subsidy" section or something like that so you get a set amount of money weekly/monthly, as it would fit well with a couple of scenarios. For example, if you are making a mine-themed park, you could get a set amount of money from the ores you sold, and things like that.
  10. A new release of OpenRCT2 has been made. Some of the changes include ride ghost simulation while constructing a ride, finding local servers easily, and a reconnect button for multiplayer, along with a bunch of other fixes and changes. Check out the changelog for a more complete list of changes. https://www.reddit.com/r/rct/comments/cbmur6/openrct2_xpost_from_ropenrct2_v023_release/
  11. https://openrct2.org/altapi/?command=get-latest-download&flavourId=9&gitBranch=develop This link is no longer giving any URL for recent Linux builds, nor do they appear on the download list since the last release. Has anything broken?
  12. I don't know what it means and I can't find anything about it. Don't know if its your end or mine See pics Think it's the new update? macOS btw Its been fine for months before Thanks!
  13. Can you further describe what you can see and what not? A screenshot would do.
  14. Two things to try: On the main menu, tap 'T' on your keyboard. Remove your settings file. I think it should be somewhere in your documents/OpenRCT2 folder, but I can’t check right now.
  15. So I recently started openRCT2 again after quite some time and notice I did not have a starting menu. No options to start a new scenario or open saved files, not multyplayer option, i can't even go into the settings menu, it's just empty. To exit, i needed to Alt+F4 or close it in task manager. Figuring it was probably not up to date, I uninstalled it and redowloaded the launcher... problem still persists. So I unintalled the game from steam and unstalled openRCT2 again, just to reinstall it... did not fix it... anyone with some tips to fix it?
  16. So I recently started openRCT2 again after quite some time and notice I did not have a starting menu. Figuring it was probably not up to date, I uninstalled it and redowloaded the launcher... problem still persists. So I unintalled the game from steam and unstalled openRCT2 again, just to reinstall it... did not fix it... anyone with some tips to fix it?
  17. Unable to open '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-GB.txt' You're missing OpenRCT2's localization files. If the build process you used doesn't download them for you, you can do so manually, or copy them over from your local git clone. They're located in the data folder, probably: '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/data/language/en-GB.txt'. Copy over the entire folder, or symlink it. It also looks like you're on version 0.1.2, but that one is ancient. The current release is 0.2.2 and going to be 0.2.3 soon.
  18. Hello, I recently bought rollercoaster tycoon classic on steam. I was under the impression it was a mix of RCT 1 and 2, but after playing for a bit I realized the menus were a pain to use and I figured out that it's a port of a mobile version. I would like to instead use OpenRCT2. I understand that it is possible to use classic files with openrct2, but it requires a bit of moving files around to get it to work. I found another post on here that had instructions on what files to move so I have created a folder with 3 subfolders; Data, Objdata, and Tracks. I then copied the files from RCTC folder to those three folders. g1.dat to the data folder, all of the .pob files to the Objdata folder, and all of the .td6 files to the Tracks folder. I directed openrct2 to the folder where these were all placed. It accepts the file and launches, but a lot of the scenery and paths are missing from the game. I can't figure out how to fix this, I thought maybe something went wrong when I was copying the files so I redid the whole thing and it's still not working. I am using windows 10 and have openrct2 version 0.2.2 64 bit.
  19. It looks like you're missing the original game files.
  20. The forums have been migrated to a new server. If you happen to come across any problems that might be related to this migration, then please let me know.
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  22. I am curious if anyone has been able to get OpenRCT2 to run on the new Raspberry Pi 4. I have followed a guide from https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=219430 where they are running OpenRCT2 on a RaspberryPi3B+. I could not get it to work for me on a Raspberry Pi 4. I get as far as the last part where i am trying to start the game. I cd into the build directory I select the folder where I have the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 game files that I copied from my steam account. Then I get this error in the terminal... ERROR[/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/src/openrct2/localisation/LanguagePack.cpp:94 (FromFile)]: Unable to open /home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-GB.txt: Unable to open '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-GB.txt' ERROR[/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/src/openrct2/localisation/LanguagePack.cpp:94 (FromFile)]: Unable to open /home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-US.txt: Unable to open '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-US.txt' ERROR[/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/src/openrct2/Context.cpp:312 (Initialise)]: Failed to open configured language... ERROR[/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/src/openrct2/localisation/LanguagePack.cpp:94 (FromFile)]: Unable to open /home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-GB.txt: Unable to open '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-GB.txt' FATAL[/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/src/openrct2/Context.cpp:315 (Initialise)]: Failed to open fallback language... Any help in understanding what I am doing wrong and what I can do to get this running on my raspberry pi 4 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Hey guys! I have a park that I've been working on, but after being dumb and not saving my files before upgrading my computer, the custom scenery/rides weren't fully transferred over. I used the 'Download all' feature the game now has, but it doesn't load these last three files. I've spent upwards of 4 hours trying to track down these files so I can load up my park again. I'm hoping that one of you fine people of the rct2 community has these files or can lead me to the downloads. I only need 3 downloads, they are: BJUMP custom rides/attractions LOTRMTP1 custom footpaths FDFWALLS custom scenery groups Anyone who can help me get this park back would be a lifesaver for me! I haven't been able to work on this park for months. IA
  24. Thank you so much, I had clicked the bridge mode but hadn't remembered that you need to click on an existing path first to get started. Been a few years since I've played...
  25. Which version and build (something like a1b2cd3e) of OpenRCT2 do you have? And which version of SDL2 do you have?
  26. You are, indeed. You need to select bridge mode (the button in the bottom right of the window), then click a tile or an existing path piece to start building.
  27. I can't seem to construct sloped paths of any sort. The controls for this are greyed out and unclickable. I hope I'm just overlooking something extremely simple...
  28. If you just want to use other ride types in a park, you can enable debug tools in options under "advanced" to access object selection during play. If you open the scenarios in the scenario editor, the rides and guests will not be there. However, you can use the convert saved game to scenario tool to open a scenario. From there, change the object selection.
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