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  2. Nevermind, found that this might be fixed in the following issues: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2567 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3952 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2991
  3. The Swedish Krona should be at a factor of 10 to the Euro and the Dollar to match the currency better. I found out just recently that other currencies had this feature so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to implement it. It always baffled me that it wasn't included in the base game as the Swedish Krona more or less always has been around 10 SEK for 1 EUR/USD.
  4. Hi there, greets from Portugal! Can you please give me some advice, please? I've start playing RCT again about 3 weeks from now, and this week I discovered OpenRCT2. After play 2 scenarios from RCT on ORCT I've got the same problem that CharlieP had: So, do you think it's better to play / it's more likely to win without cheats RCT without ORCT? Because I was trying ORCT just because some upgrades that they offer.
  5. Okay, I'll give that a go, then. This is not my workhorse machine, but rather a 'childhood fantasy come to life' retro gaming rig designed specifically to run XP. I am aware of the risks, and I don't have any personal or important data on it. I do appreciate your concern, however. Thank you both for your helpful and timely replies!
  6. Hello everyone, just found this forum. Just started playing RCT2 again. then seen a YouTube video and he talked about Open RCT2 and hear I am. hope to learn a lot, and maybe even help someone some day.
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  8. Windows XP is becoming a more vulnerable system by the day. You should definitely consider upgrading to an OS that is being maintained.
  9. OpenRCT2 does not support windows XP anymore. You need to download version 0.0.3 for that to work.
  10. While I do have a computer that will run OpenRCT, my XP machine, ironically enough, has better specs, and I thought I'd give it a go. I recently downloaded the most recent 32 bit installer (not the launcher) and attempted to install and run OpenRCT on Windows XP SP2. After installation (which went just fine), I get a critical stop error when attempting to run the application, stating that OpenRCT is not a 32 bit program. Is there some trickery I can try to get this to run, or am I out of luck on this?
  11. I'm new here and wondering where do you download these files to??
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  13. how can I do this if I bought the GOG version of RCT2?
  14. It is still in the works. Once the limits have been increased/removed, there will probably be announcements in many relevant communities.
  15. There have been numerous false-positives. If you're in doubt about it you can test a file via https://virustotal.com
  16. I'm not completely sure about this. But it's probably dependent on the following project/roadmap: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/projects/6
  17. Hello, I just started playing openrct2 and was wondering if there is anyway to increase the 128 ride cap limit. I looked it up, and all the answers said it was in the works, but those were from three years ago. Is it a feature now? and if so how do I enable it? Thanks
  18. Trojan reported today when game is updated with developer, stable does not show this threat.
  19. Any new element requires two things: the game must support the logic of the element and graphics must be available. While the logic for brakes and helixes is clearly in the game (you can even add them to the mini suspended coaster using cheats), the graphics aren't (and you won't see the element). If anyone provides the graphics, they will probably be enabled in the game. I don't know whether the cable lift code can be reused for elevators, but even if that is possible, sprites still need to be provided.
  20. Hey. One thing I've noticed is that the Mini Suspended Coaster lacks a few of the real-life options that several of this type had in real life. Given that the Mini Suspended seems to be a relatively un-loved design for scenario usage due to the high nausea and higher cost than other "mini" coasters, I don't think either of these would unbalance the game for scenario play. Obviously if keeping original scenario limits in place is a must, it would make sense to have these as re-searchable pieces. First up is the Elevator Lift system. I don't believe that any coaster in the game has a vertical lift system like this, but I assume one could be bodged using a combination of vertical track pieces and the Giga coaster's cable lift system (which would mimic the "one train at a time" system in the example). This would make the Mini suspended coaster far more compact to construct in a tight park, possibly making it much more useful in some scenarios, but it would dramatically reduce the vehicle throughput similar to the cable lift hill on the Giga coaster, as well as being restricted to only a single elevator-lift directly from the station. Second is helixes. As the Mini Suspended is a swinging coaster much like the Suspended Swinging coaster, most real-life designs use a long downward-curving track to get the cars to swing, as opposed to the step-downs one is required to make in the current form. This would allow for more elegant, swooping descents, making the coaster less intense overall as fewer drops would be required to get the cars swinging. Finally, trim brakes. It's unthinkable that a modern coaster such as this does not have any means of braking outside of friction. Honestly this one's more of a QoL thing for me rather than a must-have unique feature. All three of these elements in a real-life mini-suspended design can be found in Legoland's now defunct "Spellbreaker" dueling coaster:
  21. I didn't think my record was beatable, but you did it, nicely done! There is one issue though, and that is that in vanilla, the floorless and standup trains don't have access to the launched lift hill. This means that in vanilla the record would be 389 km/h, which is still faster than my old record.
  22. lot61

    New fastest coaster

    A while back, @LordMarcel96 posted a video of the fastest coaster possible without cheats. I've now found a faster coaster. Since steep drops can gain more speed than vertical drops of the same height, I figured that there could be some speed gains to be made if that extra speed isn't negated by the slight extra time spent on the drop. This is also how I created a perpetual motion coaster. OpenRCT2 allows twister trains of up to 8 cars but RCT2 only allows up to 7 cars, so I assume that's why Marcel used 7-car trains. Using 7-car twister trains, I was able to achieve 389 km/h, a 5 km/h improvement over the previous. Since stand-up trains are faster than twister trains, I was able to achieve 400 km/h with 7-car stand-up trains. Then I tried floorless trains, which can go up to 8 cars in both OpenRCT2 and RCT2, and achieved 405 km/h. This is the fastest train among inverting twister trains subject to RCT2 restrictions and is in the attached park. If we use the vehicle limits of OpenRCT2 instead, the fastest inverting twister train is the 8-car stand-up. A lucky group of guests achieved 420 km/h. Even faster coaster.sv6
  23. The release of v0.2.3 was kind of bugged on the project's side. This also affected the most recent development build. I expect it'll be fixed once a new develop build is pushed.
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  25. here is a screenshot of just the main menu. I also dont seem to have an option to start a game of any kind. The scenarios are empty and there is no sandbox mode or similar option.
  26. I was just wondering if it would be possible if you could create a "subsidy" section or something like that so you get a set amount of money weekly/monthly, as it would fit well with a couple of scenarios. For example, if you are making a mine-themed park, you could get a set amount of money from the ores you sold, and things like that.
  27. A new release of OpenRCT2 has been made. Some of the changes include ride ghost simulation while constructing a ride, finding local servers easily, and a reconnect button for multiplayer, along with a bunch of other fixes and changes. Check out the changelog for a more complete list of changes. https://www.reddit.com/r/rct/comments/cbmur6/openrct2_xpost_from_ropenrct2_v023_release/
  28. https://openrct2.org/altapi/?command=get-latest-download&flavourId=9&gitBranch=develop This link is no longer giving any URL for recent Linux builds, nor do they appear on the download list since the last release. Has anything broken?
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