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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi all! When trying to connect to a server, it keeps shutting down RCT completely, is this an issue my end? Apologies if I've posted in the wrong place, I'll soon learn the rules! Happy to be here! DeeG
  3. I like to create different landscapes in different sizes, I find that the max size (254x254) can cause the "I'm lost" situation very easily. It's a pity the AI can't have peeps use transport rides as the type says, and pity staff can't use them to get around. Minor issues really. I use larger landscapes as ride design areas mostly, since the ride designer I find a bit limiting for coasters.
  4. 1. Steel Twister - Virtually every type of track piece is in it. 2. Vertical Drop - I can usually get a good ride with single cars per train. 3. Splash Boats (I know, it's not a "coaster") I can easily get excitements of 10+ consistently. 4. Giga Coaster - Awesome heights. 5. Wooden - Very traditional.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Will follow the link and include the save. Historically, are there fixes for these kind of problems or should I expect my scenario to be lost for ever?
  6. These are most likely rides from the expansion packs. If you don't have the expansions installed, these rides will still appear but be invisible. You can either download the expansion objects, or set the object selection not to show them via the "filter" menu on the top right.
  7. I am new to Open rct2, I have downloaded everything for Windows, but all of the new rides not in the original game are invisible during game play. I can select the rides, but when I place them in the game, I only see the where the ride should be and quest can ride the ride, but I can not see it. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  8. Last week
  9. This sounds like a bug. I would first try updating to the latest develop version to see if it has been fixed - if not you can report it here. Include the save that causes the problem so it can be reproduced.
  10. If you are using the launcher it will auto update. OpenRCT2 itself does not.
  11. havent played in about half a year, was wondering if i needed to install the updates or if this would automatically happen?
  12. Hi all, New to OpenRCT2, first week! I've designed a park in scenario editor and have been playing it in the 'have fun' mode. However, my park crashes without fail on 3 April, year 8. I've tried taking the park back to an earlier autosave but that doesn't fix it. The screen just freezes and 'doesn't respond' and I have to resort to force shutting the game. Does anybody have an idea? Be grateful for any help. Cheers, Dan
  13. I also have the same issue by running open rct 2 with Evergreen Garden scenario.
  14. I'm also having this issue! There's one particular ride that sometimes gets repaired properly, and other times sends the mechanics off to the corner exactly where the one in your screenshot is. I can't seem to upload anything - is it possible to post the save file here directly, or should I upload it on a hosting site and post the link?
  15. Grumpus_the_3rd

    MEGA park

    I'm going to be streaming making a mega park regularly at twitch.tv/Grumpus_the_3rd , Here is where I plan on giving those who don't watch live an update on the park and show visuals of it.
  16. I'm going to be streaming the start of my new mega park in OpenRCT2 over the next few weeks. Ill try and update it on the 'Parks' page whenever I can, but feel free to drop by and see the progress. I've been playing the game for over 6 years, and expect a high level of detail to go into each aspect of the park. It'll be streamed here: twitch.tv/Grumpus_the_3rd
  17. Hi, I'm noticing a difference in how syncing coaster stations behave in release vs develop builds - in release, it's possible to have several adjacent stations syncing at once, for example six (or more). But in develop, it seems that the rides form "pairs", so that the first two in any number of adjacent stations sync together, then the next two, etc. The function of syncing several rides at once is necessary for a park that I'm releasing soon, and I can't count on all viewers to be using the release build - any hopes that the develop version can soon be made to work in the same way as the release build?
  18. One problem, as far as the game is concerned, is that the top section of the spiral lift hill is not a distinct track piece, unlike a regular lift hill top, block brake or end-of-station piece.
  19. jensj12

    six flags holland

    The park name, ride names, rides and scenery are all from the time the original RCT2 was released. Renaming the park to Walibi Holland would thus be inconsistent with the park itself. The same applies to all other real parks in the game (Six Flags Belgium has also been renamed to Walibi Belgium). You can create a new version of the park, name it Walibi Holland and add the new rides and scenery, but that will then be a different park. The original scenario will not be replaced.
  20. That seems a bit sketchy, but I do recall that the original RTC was programed in assembly so there was have been some sort of sorcery on the back end. RCT only stores the one sprite correct per object and that sprite is then downscale when the zoom goes out correct? So would it be possible to reverse it for the closet zoom to pixel double the sprite instead? This should have the same overall effect as setting the window scale factor to 2x. The only downside to this approach would be that the UI would be very small. The game would be using the full sprite at Zoom level 3 and not 4. Zoom Level 4 would be an 2x upscale of the original sprite Level 4 (128x64 standard sprite) @ 2x Level 3 (64x32 standard sprite) @ 1x Level 2 (32x16 standard sprite) @ .5x Level 1 (16x8 standard sprite) @ .25x Just thinking off the top of my head.
  21. Yeah, the UI can't be scaled independently but you can scale the whole window if the icons appear too small. It's the "window scale factor" in the options, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to scale up and down if you want to use it like a zoom.
  22. I came across this topic Suggestions to make OpenRCT2 prettier back in April, 2017 The idea was to visually improve the graphics, but at the time I think it was suggested to replace them with higher resolution sprites. Maybe a different approach might be possible as if there is a way to separate the sprite from the UI. I don't know if this would if freezable and looking for some clarification on the issue. To make sure we are all on the same page, I am defining; Zoom; internal to the game Scale; Add into OpenRCT2 for large monitor support By default, the zoom levels are Closet Level 4 (64x32 standard sprite) Level 3 (32x16 standard sprite) Level 2 (16x8 standard sprite) Level 1 (8x4 standard sprite) Farthest Is there a was a way shift all the levels by one but keep the UI elements default 1:1 based upon the original zoom? Closet Level 4 (64x32 standard sprite) @ 2:1 Zoom Level 3 (64x32 standard sprite) @ 1:1 Zoom Level 2 (32x16 standard sprite) @1:1 Zoom Level 1 (16x8 standard sprite) @1:1 Zoom Level 0 (8x4 standard sprite) @1:1 Zoom Farthest In the original thread it looks like the UI was the issue in that it somehow tied to the view and is not be its own element. Is this whats happening.
  23. jarn123

    six flags holland

    rename six flags holland to walibi holland and replace the park to other parks because it is not six flags any more its walibi
  24. While it would likely be very complicated to implement, I'd love to see the ability to save terrain alongside the track and scenery. This would fix the issues where some rides cannot get imported easily because the terrain is too low to support the track or in other cases where there is a lot of dips inside the ground. Even if this was a destructive import, wiping out anything in the area, it would still be worth it, and then come back and fix those sections the import destroyed.
  25. Share this for posterity. This was my final update to the original RTC1 Mega Park. I never had a chance to go back and revisit it after RTC2 came out and unfortunately do to compatibility issues between RTC1 and RTC2 I was unable to move migrate it. With OpenRTC2 that’s no logger a problem. The best feature IMO was the Monorail systems that I put in palace, tracks that took visitors around the park. Each quadrant was to be its own themed land. Mega Park Version 6v.SV4
  26. Wermwud

    Hello all

    First off, I want to thank everyone for all the work that you are doing. I discovered OpenRCT2 after it was mentioned in a YouTube video that popped up in my playlist. I was given the original RCT game back in 1999 by my boss at SFOG, so the RCT series is pretty special to me.
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